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Action Movie Anatomy hosts Ben Bateman and Andrew Ghai break down 1982’s First Blood! Follow the show at @AMAPodcast and the hosts @BenBatemanMedia & @AndrewGhai!

Wind River is a 2017 American neo-western murder mystery thriller film written and directed by Taylor Sheridan. The film stars Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen as a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service tracker and an FBI agent, respectively, who try to solve a murder on the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming. Numerous Native American actors fill integral supporting roles: Gil Birmingham, Graham Greene and others.

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Corey Donaldson says:

Very interesting and awesome review and discussion about Wind River Ben and Andrew !

Ariadne Bene says:

My fist pump moment is when Renner and Olsen went with Graham Green went to the security camp and everything went down between all of them. My heart stopped throughout that entire scene. My five favorite revenge films are the Swedish versions of the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (the 2011 version just sucked), but I don’t think I have anymore after those. And I agree that the rape scene was *EXTREMELY* brutal. It was worse than the stuff I see on SVU which is BASED on sexual assault partly.

Ariadne Bene says:

When I realized the movie took place on/in native land with a white man as the protagonist, I was a bit hesitant to continue watching the rest of it. Mainly because I was a little saddened that Hollywood yet again has a white man save the day, but after taking off points for that, I would give this movie a solid A/A- because like Ben, I love whodunits as well because I watch a lot of crime shows like Criminal Minds and SVU. Like one of you said (I can’t remember which), the amount of good quality (as far as story lines and actors go) whodunit movies put out these days are next to nil. I loved that we got a good one. I’m actually strongly considering buying it on Google Play.

Janetmouse says:

Movie Pass is AWESOME!! Have already seen 10 movies @ $16 each for $10!!!

straightedge veganbel says:

Hell or High Water tops my list.
The Equalizer is one of my favorite revenge movies.

Corey Donaldson says:

Wind River is a very a disturbing , heart breaking and beautifully shot thriller with an awesome cast !


As of 9/24/2017 Wind River has grossed $31,653.034 domestic and $6,595.000 international bring the gross total of this movie $38,248.034 at this point. It has out grossed Hell or High Water witch was around $37,7000.00

Corey Donaldson says:

Lots of great dialogue in Wind River !

Corey Donaldson says:

Very interesting and awesome review and discussion about Wind River Ben and Andrew !

RMJ Movie Reviews says:

The assault scene was difficult because they were outnumbered! Sure a guy can be tough, but if it’s 7 guys verses one guy and a tiny girl, there isn’t much chance. I love this movie and can’t wait for Blu ray!

gingrr666 says:

the problem with Elizabeth Olsen being an FBI agent is the same as when Jodie Foster played one, she, Foster wasn’t actually credible because at the time there was only 1, only 1, active female FBI agent. that has only increased in 20 yrs by 11%, and the age is more like 30 to 35 for women, you need a specialized degree and military to get in if you are female. So the age is all wrong and they make a point of showing her thong when she changes her clothes. Bar pencil pushing in law enforcement agencies not much has changed in 20 yrs. I liked the way her character was written, interesting enough. Got a pretty picture on the poster. Her character is more of a supporting actor, this all Jeremy Renner and Taylor Sheridan. I loved it for that.
Wish you had seen Dahmer, what is best about it was Renner playing the teenager as well as the adult psychopath.

straightedge veganbel says:

also how cool was it to see Ed from Flashpoint play a bad guy!

Corey Donaldson says:

Wind River has some beautiful filming locations and a kick ass score !

Greedy Reader says:

1. Hell or High Water
2. Wind River
3. Sicario

You guys should push for a revenge film category on Schmoedown.

straightedge veganbel says:

i loved this movie so much, i would stand up and cheer if jeremy got nominated or won an Oscar. i also absolutely loved Hell or High Water, this man is a genius.

Ivaluze Sadleir says:

❤ *Wind River* ❤ Watch *Full %%* ❤ ✒

Corey Donaldson says:

Jeremy Renner is awesome as Cory Lambert in Wind River !

Ingo Filmfreak says:

guys…… revenge films — “ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST”!!!!!

Irina Mukha says:

Ugh, so upset I missed it live, it’s great to see you guys talk so passionately about a newly released movie, such a rarity these days. Let’s hope Kingsman and American Made will deliver as well. Can’t wait!

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