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Danilo Gamerplays says:

Nada a ver o rei gelado antes de vestir a coroa era o simon

Universe is awesome So as powerpuffs says:

She said aventure time instead of adventure time

Elly Marissa 2 says:

uhm… why jake character is same?

Cuong Pham says:

Jake cute

Littlest Apple says:


Garfield fan 2008 McQueen says:

Were are you no uploads?

Robert McQueen says:

please do Thomas and friends in real life

Rainbow Pilots says:

Jake is cute when he is a baby

Sushina the Bunny says:


Roberta Kelly Pereira Nascimento says:

O finn adulto é um gato!

BroShay Productions says:

0:54 Awesome.

Universe is awesome So as powerpuffs says:

Btw pls do the growing up of the soao aima akai …..sima. Simpson

slick says:

Снежный был человеком без короны даун тупой

Rainbow Pilots says:


adelina m says:


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