Let’s Play The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure part one! Enjoy!
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aqualunana says:

my sims self HAS to learn those moves!!

PurpleAmharicCoffee says:

9:30 I thought that was a TARDIS poster but it is just a pair of blue doors.

myvant says:

“You ever heard a love song dear?” LOL inner thoughts of how Deli would hit on someone

Grims Diary says:

Stella should have been made squeamish, that would be really hilarious

dawvidm8 says:

sounds to me like you don’t give a shit bout this

Alien Invasion says:

Hey Deli, I was wondering if you could post these sims on the gallery? I love the appearance of them.

EcstaticRop 26 says:

Love this LP Deli She so reminds me of the one from parenttrap lol did u notice all the other sim girls had the same Cc hair lol

No Chill Will says:

Hey Deligracy! I have a challenge! I call it “Doomed Adventure”. You have to take a household of 8 sims into the jungle and kill all of them off without going back home at all and without using cheats to kill them off. You can use cheats to get money and supplies.

Annie Macneil says:

when is Barbie coming back?

If it's gay I totally ship it says:

I don’t get how they’re all related?

Danielaamag says:

Did somebody say Gilmore, Gilmoregirls?

Kendall Beu says:

*you ever hear a love song dear?*

Arabelle Blalack says:

Could you pls put them on the gallery?

Savannah Kelly says:

how did u put a dog bowl down?

Oda Tolsrød says:

I don’t understand how you’re able to play without having to pay much attention to their needs. Like when I play it’s basically just a race of trying to survive?? Teach me your secret!!

Leah Victoria says:

“luxury”? more like ugly sorry maddie but this house is ugly asf and i can’t stand to watch it this LP, please let them rent a more modern house like the one The Sim Supply uploaded called ” Modern JUNGLE ADVENTURE Home | The Sims 4 House Build ”

SimDoughnut says:

Holy smokes! You’re name isn’t Deligracy? All this time and I honestly thought that was your real name. I just figured it was an Australian thing. 🙂

Brooke Parker says:

Is that hair custom content that is on Abril/Abral or however you spell her name? I really like that hair.

jara arendz says:

It looks like the movie jumanji

Lucas G says:

You said the sims 4 world adventure instead of the sims 3 world adventures. I think you got the sims 4 jungle adventure on the brain so you said the sims 4 instead of the sims 3.

Twilight Bright says:

It isn’t a Deli LP without a gold digger XD

Avery Chatfield says:

omg at 11:15 ish you said “I reckon” I love you

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