🎥 ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL (2018) | Full Movie Trailer in HD | 720p

An action-packed story of one young woman’s journey to discover the truth of who she is and her fight to change the world.
Cast: Rosa Salazar, Jennifer Connelly, Eiza González #TrailerCity #movie #trailer

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Gaeridall Marie Grey says:

I got a commercial advertising this movie on this video.

Also. Fun fact, her name means chosen one.

mahree mode says:

Why does it show its uploaded in 1969 when searched?

ScreamingBeast says:

why do the eyes look like a fucking nightmare tho

Twenty says:

I love u alita..Cant wait for Alita 2…

Michelle Rose says:

those anime yes are cute

papa-pepe says:

weaboo trash.

ShadowGem says:

Already watched its really good

m irfan says:

What happen to Hugo?? Zalem?? Nova???? Zapan??? How it’s ending.

Rere Hidayat says:

Keren film nya

木揆 says:

I definitely gonna buy ticket for this movie. I promis.

Henrik Ivarsson says:

I have my hopes up for this one. Ghost in the Shell was a big disappointment.

Patricia Matthew says:

i ever watch this in the cinema its so cool


I was more sold by the sexy silhouette on the arizona tea after seeing the trailer I’m disappointed I though it was going to be some martial arts movie

Paul Baker says:

Director Robert Rodriguez sold his company to Harvey Weinstein despite his then wife Rose Mcgowan telling him that Weinstein raped her. Think about that before you buy a ticket for any of his movies.

Takumi Fujiwara 87 says:

me anamore de la animacion y claro de Alita xD

Paul Pepe says:

YES!!!! I loved this movie hmmm what was it called under its first name? Oh yeah it was Ghost in a Shell! Unless this is a prequel or something!?!?!

baldieman64 says:

“I wanted to do something that was about female empowerment”
 – James Cameron.

Meh, I’ll pass.

Amelia Grace says:

Robots are just gonna take over

alyshahafeeza wahab says:

this reminds me of the game Detroit:Become Human

hill billy says:

This robot boy rip off

Yu Yu says:

Something to watch

Max Vieire says:

I want it

Axton The Commando says:

Finally, real life adaptation of a manga! No more those huge unrealistic eyes.

..oh wait

Richard Kelch says:

Cyborg women will own the world kiss kiss

Supreme CIVE says:

So realistic

Heart Vasquez says:

To be honest this trailer doesnt do justice for the actual movie. Just watched the movie an hour ago and it was amazing the best i have seen cant wait for the next one. Watch it pleasee!

xxxtentaction anime says:

I think this would be a bad movie

Gacha Vuttion says:

I’m watching the premiere in Sweden! With my friends (on Wednesday)

J j says:


Blu Ray says:

So they have this beautiful girl Rosa Salazar and decide to make a cgi face. She’s supposed to look like a cyborg with manga facial expressions. Everytime you see a real person and a cgi character side by side it distracts you from the story. They should make the whole movie cgi because the main character is humanoid and not an ape or another animal.

Sly Striker says:

RIP Tara Knowles

Aventanario says:

The movie that confuses on what kind of movie it is

Davideo Jockey says:

jesus….hollywood is legit out of ideas i ll def. stick to gaming

Jay Rodriguez says:

I’m excited for this movie. It will be shown here in the Philippines on Feb. 5. That would be two days from.

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