14 Minutes of Donkey Kong Adventure DLC in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Check out 14 Minutes of gameplay from the upcoming Donkey Kong Adventure DLC in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle 2-PLAYER VERSUS MODE – Full Match:

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Review:

The First 16 Minutes of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle:

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carlos abascal says:

i want to see mario and luigi with DK
when i was watching the original video i thought that mari and luigi play with DK
what the f

Maria vaught says:

Can you even do the first boss

Spread Your Legs says:

Looks like garbage

mesh mush says:

how funky is it tho

Scitch2781 says:

this looks amazing this is how dlc should be its packed with new content

Sunbreaker7 says:

liked the game but couldn’t finish it. I hated how the game was forcing brain dead and tedious puzzles down my throat between every fight. I wish they had focused more on the combat.

Hanzo says:

When’s the last time Nintendo made a new character for Mario?

yarheeguy says:

Even though this is a mario version of Xcom, at least it shows that Nintendo and Ubisoft still has a strong relationship and gives us hope for someone from a Ubisoft game to be in Smash…

Gareth Sanders says:

I honestly forgot about this

Edu D says:


NateDaGamer says:

I just got the full game today can’t wait to play it!!

Andrea.araujo araujo says:

Damn now i want Ubi to do a 3d Donkey Kong that looks like this

Playtendo says:

Did you really have to steal ProsafiaGaming’s thumbnail?

zmullaney says:

Damn, I love this game. I cant wait to jump back in.

Jacob Lewis says:

Is this even the same game? I can’t believe they added so much!

MisterGame&Wah says:

when does this DLC comes out?

john craw says:


L O V says:

Who’s playing? Is it Filip or someone else lmao

LoliOnii-chan Senpai says:

X Com but with Monkey and Rabbit

Doll Face says:

I kinda wish they’ll make another DLC but this time with Animal Crossing characters. lol

DJ GJ says:


David Chan says:

Expand Dong Returns again


Dashie ain’t gonna be happy about this!

Agathor 1930 says:

Don’t know how this game could’ve been better, but ya did it

Takwin says:

Game is amazing and every bit as good as XCOM 2.

nintendo and chill says:

Rabbid Cranky Kong is my animal spirit

Jack Webb says:

This is way bigger than I expected!!! You did good Ubisoft

AgentAwesome11 says:

Can’t Wait for this to come out

Adrian Leonce says:

There needs to be a sequel to this game. It’s sooo good that having only one game feels wrong. If the Rabbids can’t return, it can be a Mario cast only game. And hopefully, Ubisoft takes part in it again

David Pérez says:

Wow, DK is great in this game

The Sonic Ray says:


Swag It says:

*Waa intensifies*

James Pemberton says:

Does anyone know if donkey Kong and cranky can be played in versus mode as well. I really need an answer. Can’t seem the find it anywhere

The1872Gamer says:

This all looks awful lol. I suppose, it’s made for young kids.

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