A DOG’S WAY HOME Official Trailer (NEW 2019) Adventure Family Movie HD

A DOG’S WAY HOME Official Trailer (NEW 2019) Adventure Family, Ashley Judd, Alexandra Shipp Movie HD
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That dog is a paid actor

Pumkin Girl says:

I’ve read the book, this movie will be great!

Shoujo Anime says:

Why did I cry after watching this

pancakepuffball says:

yo uploading full movies on youtube isnt good

amazing dancing wings Morales says:


Shreya Shrivastava 'Quirky DIYer' says:

I’m crying so much

Iceiss Brooks says:

2:09 So CUTE!!!!!

manoj yadav says:




Arya Firnin says:

My eyes are watering

Shadow Memez says:

I want to watch this so baddd

K 3 says:

this is basically a rip off of spiderman far from home




Super story man

JFPRO x430 says:

if this dog dies…
im done

amazing dancing wings Morales says:

aw this is so sad

maddie havard says:

i need to see this

Jack Witty says:

Sooo Homeward Bound: Another Incredible Journey part 73728

featuring crappy cg mountain lion

WØlfie! says:

Ahh! Dogs purpose was so good! I can’t wait!!! AHAHHAhA

elNingyou says:

I don’t know if the people who constructed this trailer should be fired or applauded for saving a lot of us from whatever meager curiosity might have led us to pay to see another saccharine piece of crap about a cute dog.

MrVercettti89 says:

i just seen the whole Movie , and the Dog doesn’t even talk really and neither do the other animals, il pass

ZUFLIH says:

oh come on don’t show the ending on trailer :V

ThingsWithUnicorn says:

2:09 Now that’s called Wild Friendship right there!

meera Karthik says:

Eagerly waiting

Owloftheflames47 says:

I saw this preview in the theater for Spider-Man into the SpiderVerse. And a lot of people were laughing over the fact that the trailer just spoiled the ending XD

Marcio Coelho says:

Well, there you have the whole film in a nutshell. Bad CGI and all.

Irvin Valdivia says:

Does the dog make it home?

The Ranting Squirrel says:

Saw this twice when I went to go watch Spiderverse.

Kathy Imsong says:

I would surely watch as this November 28 I lost my dog of 10 years with cancer it was so heart breaking for me, only an animal lover can feel,know how faithful it stay in one’s life❤️

Jaidyn Seeley says:

I am crying so excited to see this movie hop your love this movie to

AHMbros4life says:

good, i just saw how it ended, that saved me a ticket

Laxus Crims says:

What type of dog is that?

only fun says:


DiRTemma says:

The dogs voice just doesnt suit at all, why do they have to ruin it

K 3 says:

does anyone feel it similar to the movie called spiderman far from home?? or am I the only one ??

Joannq says:

The one thing that caught my attention, is that the dog narrates herself. Which, is what I dislike in dog movies. Another thing that caught my attention, is that the mountain lion, the animation, honestly sucks. This trailer literally gave away the ENDING to the movie. And tbh, it’s not like I really wanted to watch this at all.

วิชชากร สุขวัฒน์ says:

that puma is a plot hole lol

Shreya tiwari says:

Looking awesome I love that dog

Cherry Berry says:

This kind of reminds me of A dog’s purpose…

imam mani says:

vry nice trailer

Kevin King says:

2:21 gave me goosebumps

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