ACTION MOVIE PLAYDATE! Special Effects Adventure ft. Action Movie Kid!

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Watch and see what happens when Evan pays a visit to The Action Movie Kid. This isn’t your normal playdate! Unless you call playing with freeze guns, flying saucers, and pet tigers normal. Special thanks to Action Movie Dad, Daniel Hashimoto for putting together the awesome special effects! And don’t forget to check out their new Action Movie Kid Book!

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Rockin Robot 2.0 says:

they need to do more collabs

DanielleTrysToAnimate ._. says:

So action movie kid made the eating toxic food trend first, ok

Jude Rodriguez says:


unicorn Audrey youtubes says:

You guys forget the plate

Faran Fahad says:

Play slendruna plz!!

Shion Boyd says:

1:10 he moved

kb squad Bamazi says:


ahai ric says:


Hayan Abbasi says:

Very nice and good job evan action movies kid

unicorn Audrey youtubes says:

He sooooooooooooooooo cute and his voice

Pallavi Kema says:

The pillows can burn on lava

dancing robot in the mall holmes says:

Lucky i wish i had those things

AT Gaming says:

When i was real i thought this was real

Guinea Lords says:

I loved both channels when they had 100k subs

Luca Mateo Benitez Garcia says:


MechaDestroyer OP says:

2:01 R2D2

lakssi says:

YouTube área they best

Erick Searez says:

You dab even while being frozen

Derek Marino says:

Z Action kid my name is James to

Kristyqswddcccxxcbjooc Hamm says:


Polillo 88 says:

Bad evantube

BL4 Z3 says:

Who’s watching in 2018?

Satura Nugroho Not fun and fun says:


Walaa Zano says:

This must of been a pain to edit

Chance Durette says:

if i went to your house i would not want u to have a tiger

GavinErnest57 says:

This is the best collab

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