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Here is the best Adventure Time-Line that I can come up with (published before the war for the Candy Kingdom). Please note, this is regards to the series, NOT the expanded universe of comics/games.

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Scuff Tuff says:

Adventure Time was honestly amazing. It’s really too bad it’s ending. That aside, I just wanted to share a little prediction since you said no more backstories. This series has plenty of fully fleshed out characters from BMO to Marcy to Susan to even Martin and LSP. There are two character arcs that have yet to finish though. PB and Betty. PB is just as ruthless as she’s always been. This is clear given she almost committed genocide against the fire kingdom just so she could destroy their weapons. There’s also that dream with the Candy Kingdom falling that Cosmic Owl unintentionally stepped in on. Could this come to fruition with the impending war? What about her relationship with Finn? I still think they’re missing some closure on that. Then there’s Betty who’s gone nuts over saving Simon. Last time she appeared, it seemed like she may have discovered a solution. How will this play out? Will she and Simon be cured of their madness? Will it end in failure, symbolizing that some mistakes are impossible to come back from? With these two major character arcs still unanswered, I’m really curious as to know how the writers can tie up the series in only 4 episodes. I do have confidence in their abilities though as we’ve seen time and time again how impeccable the writing for this series is. Can’t wair to see the finale.

-. says:

This could’ve been much shorter with a actual LINE

Baskas Mark says:

loved it

Cristiano Edinger says:

The Big Bang was the beginning of space and time. There was no time before the Big Bang, there was no time before time.

Champlian FatBody says:

The humans on other planet she talked about so the bomb was probly dropped about 2030 to 2099 cause nasa plans on putting people on mars by then

tugfota69 says:

hey I made it to the end

Francis Vallières-Leclerc says:

🙁 I don’T want it to Die. This show is too perfect !!!

Jome says:

You need Jesus

Champlian FatBody says:

Its ovious that the war was probly caused by the metor that hit the earth it probly happened at the same time people hearded about the metor so all hell broke lose and the litch bomb was probly a secret bomb

Manda Panda Bear says:

There will never be another like AT. ❤️

Njorunn Fjölvarr says:

Oh, that simon/marcy/marcies mom thing makes a lot of sense.

GBKid says:

Simon never dies :/

Thomas Smith says:

Watched the the End. I looked through. Every. Single. Video. No Bionicle.

mango says:

My lazy, dumb ass trying to understand shit without watching anything.

NediahcGames says:

i thought that the lich was created by the mushroom bomb

XxwildlunawolfxX :p says:

Koro sensei made the crater

Mr. Panda010213 says:

Adventure time it’s over ?

Raving Mad Man says:

Omg ur awesome! I hope u can do this as a job. The fan industry needs u.

Tristan Ryan says:

damn Canadian accents

Artur Bit says:

You forgot the mars

Peter OJ says:

Hey I made it to the end!

buy Skyrim for the 100th time says:

Jesus fucking christ,i forgot how dark Adventure Time can be

jfr films says:

what were the Dipper clones for

Greg Hohenberger says:

I just want Ice King back to Simon and Betty back to normal and I’ll be happy… and since when Lemonhope returned home the Ice King was just a crown and a beard I’m hoping that it no longer had control over Simon

cniknik98 says:

Seemingly “kid shows” can be very deep but adventure time takes all the cake. Even with this video explaining most of the show I am still confused and I have been watching ever since the first season.

exp1993 says:

I made it to the end

halofreak209 says:

The video had really great point but I couldn’t watch it all because of her speech pattern stretching the last word of ever sentence does not help prove points again sorry for saying that but good points

RadicalEdward37 says:

Great video, i wish i had enough free time to piece stuff like this together or just watch Adventure Time in general

Un-Popular Opinions says:

You need more high fantasy in your reading repertoire. A Lich is usually a necromancer who has stuffed his soul into a phylactery so that it can live forever. The body rots, yes. But as long as that phylactery remains unbroken, the lich never dies. If they lose their corpse body they can usually inhabit another one. Corpse or living being.

It is essentially extremely dark magic.

But I just think they took a lich from D&D and tweaked it to their purposes.

Lucas Carvalho says:

I dug it. Subscribed

jake the dog says:

There making a nother season

Nana'sNook says:

lol Brontosaurus never existed, those are likely Brachiosaurs. But nice vid tho lol, good job.

Kyotosomo says:

Sucks we’re gonna be left with so many unanswered questions. There was no reason for CN to let this show die.

zz Phia zz says:




k krn says:

I might be wrong but didn’t the lich leave sweet peas body? There is an episode where it suggests he beats the lich, physically

DumbVideos says:

Psst! Hey I got the true ending of adventure time right here:

The Improbable Imposter says:

This is… A ride. Kudos to you for getting to figure this out 😀

Capin Cruncheeze says:

I think that the lich is a spiritual force that inhabits beings to interact with the physical world birthed by the beginning of the universe as a result of the monsters becoming nothing. Like they died and their souls fused into a malevolent force. Then when the bomb went off it caused the force to descend upon the earth finding a host and becoming a host.

forever rem says:

Drag almost every word make me sleepy.

abacusyou says:

Orgalong was one of the monsters before anything


Wait, bravest warriors is in the same universe of adventure time??? That was confirmes??

TC IronBear says:

The fate of the Mothergum is covered in a video game. It was stored in castle

Sean Gallagher says:

Lych was the scarist shit i have ever seen in my life

TheKatsPajamas says:

First time watching one of your videos, really enjoyed it. Keep doing what you doing

Elikaakile says:

You sound like Patience the ice elemental woman

Jay Redd says:

There was a comet that missed the planet while it was frozen in Farmworld, maybe that was the one the made the huge crater.

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