Adventure Time | Rebecca Sugar ‘Time Adventure’ Finale Song | Cartoon Network

Rebecca Sugar wrote this amazingly moving song for the Adventure Time finale at San Diego Comic-Con 2018.

“Time Adventure” Song lyrics:
Time is an illusion that helps things makes sense
So we’re always living in the present tense
It seems unforgiven when a good thing ends
But you and I will always be back then
You and I will always be back then
You and I will always be back then
You and I will always be back then

Singing will happen, happening, happened
will happen, happening, happened
And will happen again and again
Cause you and I will always be back then

If there was some amazing force outside of time
To take us back to where we were
And hang each moment up like pictures on the wall
Inside a billion tiny frames so that we could see it all…all…all
It would look like

Will happen, happening, happened
Will happen, happening, happened
And will happen again and again
Cause you and I will always be back then
Cause you and I will always be back then
Cause you and I will always be back then
That’s why
You and I will always be best friends


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Spencer V says:

I’ve played guitar for 10+ years now and THIS is the song that finally got me to pull the trigger on getting a ukulele

Nicholas Bobbs says:

“So, because I can’t stay away…” Describes me and this video perfectly

sahara thompson says:

Rebecca should’ve voiced blue diamond because ABOUT A MOUNTAIN OF TEARS JUST CAME OUT OF MY EYES

Anonymou333 says:

_im not crying _*_sniffle_*_ you’re crying_

Rowena Gastalla says:

Bmo sing this when the tree house is destroyed

Fluffy Boi says:

I will admit, I actually cried.

Asiyih Harrison says:

im crying so so bauttiful

ahrvee santos says:

Thank’s to betty cohen the founder of Cartoon Network
that we can Hear This Art Song!!

GamingHamster109 says:

Why Adventure Time :c

Miguel Realista says:

Gurl you hugged the wrong person! John DiMaggio <3

Squiggy Allen says:

it should have been “you and I will always be best friends”


I’m really happy that a good thing ended with its head held high. Unlike the simpsons or spongebob

Defintely Human says:

life and death and love and birth… <3

Alien Boy in Blue says:

lil moment 0:21

That one gamer guy Jack says:

I’m tired of Rebecca sugar making me cry

Willyhoo says:

1:28 how does she do that? how? how? how?

Brian Bui says:


Eunisu Chan says:

Will Happen


bubble. tea says:

I remember making fanart of this show show in 3rd grade and being excited to watch it everyday, now im in highschool. Thanks for being part of my childhood 🙂

Little Sapphire says:

I *love, love, love* Rebecca Sugar’s songs❤

luffydu 973 says:

Elle a une voix d’ange

Tommy Valley says:

Are they all crying

Fuchi says:

Adventure time and regular show were the best

Morgan Cope says:

shis cannot happen to su please

Jett Plane says:

This song was so depressing, but in a good way that it reminded me of when this show was released which was the timeline that I was living a beautiful memorable life….

8 years ago

My mother received brain damage from a man who was attempting to rob my mother and kidnap me, she managed to protect me but took God’s hand 1 year later and I didn’t even know where she went cause everyone was sobbing and dripping sadness about it instead talking or ignoring or even doing nothing about it.

And my life has been going nowhere ever since she left…

My dad forgot about her…
My sister’s boyfriend left and she got fired…
My little brother is coming to my boarding school…
My older brother is anti-social
My grandparents have to take care of 4 kids

And me…

I’m gonna take God’s hand soon and join my Mother

And all I have to say to the entire Adventure Time Creators is

Thank you, thank you for being there for us to give us joy and to remind us that “The Fun Will Never End”…

….cause it’s adventure time……..

Asiyih Harrison says:

i wanna cry when i here it

Ally the Basket case says:

Anyone here for New Years

Alexandra Bongo says:

0:51 Olivia comforting John is the sweetest thing ever, thank you for the adventure… I’m glad it happened

Aurelius_power15 says:

I hate the people who dislike, but your opinion is your opinion. EXCEPT YOUR OPINIONS REAL BAD

random stuff says:

2018 is the worst year ever
Second, adventure time ending
Third, stan lee
Finale, stephen hillinberg

kittyxdx 23 says:

i’m not crying ,you are

3 bijionta says:

Rest in peace adventure time

ALOT says:


The Kawaii Potato Pleb! :3 #Swag says:

my childhood……… :C

Lando P says:

This sounds a fair bit like Escapism

Eyeless says:

Thank you for making me want this world to die and become the land of Ooo.

Lord Catto says:

Rebecca Sugar’s voice has such a simple elegance to it.

Châu Tiêu says:

I missed AT 🙁

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