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Hold on to your lumps, #TheUltimateAdventure is coming soon 😱 Watch the trailer, puncha yo buns, and catch all the action on September 3rd!


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Unlikely heroes Finn (a silly kid with an awesome hat) & Jake (a brassy dog with a big kind heart), are the best of friends and always find themselves in the middle of heart pounding escapades as they traverse the mystical Land of Ooo.

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Ava Pets says:

OMG I LOVE THIS! but it’s sad it has to end :(((((

Mae_Starts_Here says:


Kauan R. M. Klein says:

I did the only possible sane thing after watching the finale: got up, got the DVD collection, and started it all over again from episode 1.

Alex Henriquez says:

Well September 3rd

JAVP says:

The adventure time will soon be over…

History Guy says:

48 seconds into the video shows a futuristic banana soldier what happened to the that banana soilder

fan of animatio says:

There is a infinity war reference in this episode

Many in One says:

in the trailer they dont say it is not the last series so i think they gonna make new series

Marc Tristan Salanatin says:

I think thanos has something to do with this



ty tn says:

CN why are two characters are in love with each other? (Two girls) 0-0 why my childhood

nush nush says:

R.I.P Fern.

Xempati says:

Amazing World Of Gumball is next to adventure time 🙁

Tania Sagar says:


Dash Art says:

any one else get goosebumps??

Gabriel Oviedo Casañas says:

I will never forget this…


gorrilaboy22 says:

It wasn’t really an ultimate adventure, unless they’re referring to living the rest of their lives afterward.

Permanently Confused says:

You guys…. *i misSED IT*

Thrifty star says:


Jesus m says:

feel like a part of me has gone along with this show now that its over

Kenny Kugley says:

Betty sacrificed herself to save to save everyone in ooo on adventure time.

Quicky says:

ah man, all my childhood shows are ending. Gravity falls, than adventure time :((

RedNovaPlayz says:

The ultimate adventure was not all it was hyped up to be. I expected something much more I expected something so much cooler but it was pretty much just a regular episode but 40mins

Ap_stle says:

did anyone else notice shermy in the begining from the future was singing the tropical island song?

Perri Cherry says:

There’s a war now ? What did I missed ?

Anxious_ Asi says:

I didn’t know Thanos could also wipe out half Cartoon Network’s shows…

Daniel Friedman says:

you’re joking, i just saw this now one day after it aired i grew up on this show now im sad to see it go ;(

Starco says:

It says there will be season 11

Mark Zuckerberg says:

I wish their motto was ‘Adventure is out there’ but The movie UP has already taken that kind of motto

Deivid Alias says:

And this, are the BEST moment ever!!

MysteryGunner Rbx says:

Adventure time please dont leave me 🙁

Arbusto says:

Don’t cry because it ended, smile because it happened.

Nicholas Challenger says:

I watch this on hulu so I can watch it at any time, but I’m still sad.

Aqua Sama says:

When you dropped it.. and regret it.

Jat's Vlogs says:

Who’s Excited? For the Ending Of the Adventure Time

marceline bae says:

waiting for bubbline

ChrisHazFun says:

i feel old

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