ANNIHILATION Official Trailer (2018) Natalie Portman Adventure Movie HD

ANNIHILATION Trailer (2018) Natalie Portman Adventure Movie HD [Official Trailer]
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Francisco Carlos says:

Sounds like SCP 1009 aka the beautiful world

Эдуард Вятчанин says:

This is how vegans want to die

panic!at the pet store says:

So who’s the villian?

A. Nicolas says:

This is a real good movie

Nolan Olivier says:

Very ‘Solaris’ feeling trailer…

Tanner Smith says:

This movie is proof that filmmakers have ran out of movie ideas.

CCornelius says:

At least the trailer doesn’t ruin the movie.

Ev Sal says:

Thumbnail, you are a disappointment to your mother and I.

Kee Leicthle says:

Is this going to be one of those times where when the characters discover a fantasy land and they see a pretty creature, instead of being amazed and happy at how pretty it is, they instead go, “weird looking animal! I’m gonna shoot it dead!”? I hope whatever Natalie’s character is shooting at 1:28 wasn’t the creatures with the flowers on their antlers unless they turn into vicious killer creatures.

Electro Fan says:


Kylie Noels says:

✪ *Annihilation Movie*

jeff1997o1 says:

Star wars


Portman is looking more and more like an aged hag..

hno748 says:

Gina Rodriguez from Jane the Virgin is in this movie!

DarkSendo94 says:

this looks visually impressive
might give this a watch

Ramsay Bolton says:

Seems interesting

J Schwa says:

I predict a lot of ex machinas in this movie’s future

Crazystuffyousee says:

Another movie about plants taking over…..probably because they’re pissed off at mankind for “destroying the environment”. Getting real bored of Hollywood ineptness.

Tyrant Lizard King says:

Where was the crocodile head in the thumbnail?

Au Jun says:

Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them : Black Swan and the angry ape.

NWI RailFan says:

Skull island but in north america !!!

sloan fisher says:

looks good

Ghastly Grinner says:

wheres the crock?

ZombieRobot says:

“From the writer and director of Ex Machina” ya already know it’s gonna be good boys!

Miguel Medina says:

What is this is this like a new version of Jurassic world?

yingquan song says:

Bruh Poe and Padme?


Foxtrop13 says:

I wanna like this movie but Natalie Portman and M16 rifles are overused

KillerDiaguR says:

Looks like the upside down

West Side says:

looks interesting like the arrival did lets hope its not as garbage as the arrival

J Johns says:

The first book of the “Southern Reach” trilogy that this film is based on is great and genuinely creepy. Book two and three are a waste of time and kinda shite. I threw them both in the bin after reading them, largely out of frustration.

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