Anthem: 7 Minutes of Fort Tarsis Exploration Gameplay – IGN First

A first look at the Story space in Anthem, the characters you’ll meet, and the systems that’ll be available while you’re exploring Fort Tarsis.

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Mason S says:

Has anyone notice that nearly all the NPC’s are black/brown people.

Koumou_G says:


Dilean says:

Thas right white boy. We wuz mech-suit engineers n sheeeiiit.

PlaBrotheRHooD says:

Faces still a little weird with the mouth moving maybe it gets fixed, maybe it doesn’t. But I really enjoyed this segment. So much better than destiny.. wow. There is more depth on characters here then the entire destiny 2 and 2 combined.

Michael Mooney says:

Mass Effect died for this? Why? After seeing this, what was the point?

eh? says:

Just wait for cyberpunk lads

Michael van Niekerk says:

EA can keep this one… will probably end up being uneducated if I buy it anyway

Snake56 says:

What’s with the NPCs? They don’t look very diverse.

Diversion Frolic says:

MSA face is coming also

Hyewon Seo says:


LeShawn Gatson says:

Enough y’all can wait if u want too I will see you in game regardless of the tough talk or play destiny and warfare that’s free… Anthem was in development before the first game. I just want a complete package hard to believe this won’t be…. Anyway Day 1 for me.

Pwnage says:

its like destiny 2


Please standby for boredom.

Prince Of Opinion says:

1:46 No romance options? How do you even call this a playable.. I’m ashamed of you EA.

Николай Загоруйко says:

Something wrong with this render. Recently I’ve seen a dev stream about Fort, and it looked so much better than this. But then they had a noticeable framedrop and they ended the stream. Is this Alpha or is this Optimization?

Eddie Vera says:

Can you go in 3rd person view at the fort or just first person?

Stickiboi says:

I really wanna play this game! It’s seems so cool!

Li Koukin says:

Где графоний из первого официального трейлера? Что это за овсянка?

Kenny C says:

Any word from Fenchurch?

Literally Jamie says:

This just looks incredibly boring

Willie Bradley says:

PvE only?! = 🙁 x 100

Bret Wells says:

Not sure if i can play this game because the developers are brainwashing us about walls. What if there are other humans/species out there who need help?

FlappyBird_XD says:

Everyone please check out my youtube channel please much appreciated

Rubén Jorge says:

The facial expressions and how the mouth moves are weird

Khenney Onwuzulu says:

this gameplay was recorded a long time ago, anyone who played the alpha can confirm that the models were far better than this, its unbelievable the hate that anthem has been getting, just play the demo, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it………people already passing judgement before they even try it smh

Wasmo says:

Oh wow finally some tarsis footage

doe nil says:

What A DownGrade.
EA great job

abcmocca says:

Bioware can’t blame motive for this fail npc anymore lol.

Snowy World says:

Ye, they didn’t fix andromeda issues.

danilo ventura says:

I will not buy this at launch… Ill give it at least a month. This smells of minimal incremental content drops at a shameless price smh. And lets pretend those NPCs didn’t have the exact same face lol, already cutting corners.

Lupu Adrian says:

Female Irish accent <3

juggernaught79 says:

Is it texture and lighting that’s wrong with the faces? Everything else looks fantastic though.

Cho Tube says:

Why go from 3rd person in open world to 1st person in hub world? Is there an option to change it? I rather keep it in 3rd person view if i could.

theandroids says:

WOW waiting on the graphic downgrade videos… these models look very mass effect Andromedaish.

RBNSKY says:

the faces look too stiff, too … andromeda.

Marcus J says:


calvin gustafsson says:

I just dont know

Beatusman says:

Frostbite is engine only for FPS. It would be better if Bioware used the UE4.

White Raven says:

Is no one going to talk about the conversation at 6:32 and the dudes reaction?

Mike S says:

I just don’t trust this game to be respectful to it’s players.The way EA handles games and Bioware is not the same company that made Mass Effect 1 or 2 and with that “I’m out”

Rusty Shackleford says:

Never trust in a EA videogame.

Vlogamer says:

Character animations look bad. Like AC II in 2018 bad.

Vlogamer says:

Came for the gameplay… and there is none.

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