Aquaman Spoiler Review and the Best of 2018 in Superhero Movies, TV, and Comic Books

On this special year end episode of Collider Heroes, Coy Jandreau, Amy Dallen and John Rocha give their SPOILER review of DC’s Aquaman directed by James Wan and starring Jason Momoa. Then Jay Washington joins the show and talks with Coy and Amy about their best of the year in movies, TV, and comic books. There was so much superhero and sweaty goodness this year in all three of those areas so you know Coy, Amy and Jay will have much to cover and discuss.

Let us know what you thought of Aquaman and what your best of the year was in the Comments section below. Remember to Like and Share this video on your social media and to Subscribe to the channel for more videos just like this one.

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esperanzo gomez says:

Para: “People are surprised that I only have two comic-book movies in my overall top ten…”

Maybe because of your attire and job: Deadpool Pyjamas on a superhero panel show?

I’m not saying you are wrong just that you may need to try harder to sell yourself as what you want to be seen as.

Max Johnson says:

I went in expecting Aquaman to be ridiculous as fuck. It was. I loved it. Had a fun movie going experience. Aquaman is a win for DC. Aquaman is a like a live action Anime, some parts made laughingly exclaim “What?!”. But I wasn’t mad at anything. It was unabashedly itself. Hail the king.

Magese William says:

This guy is killing Rocha, Yes that the point, the pacing was of different accent on different worlds, but it all comes together, the guy on the left nail it, how do these idiots dont clearly see that… n Do u have to bring the Spider Verse , really ?, come on dude, me and Perry no fun, please you and Perry and pathetic haters , ” am not a Dc haters” Yeah u would say that, you could clearly see the hate he just turn it down realising the movie on going success…

huckPG says:

i cannot stand Jay Washington wtf they keep putting him on collider.

barry 234 says:

Aquaman>>>>black panther

Iwapelebrown says:

YES Amy! James Wan is to Aquaman as Richard Donner is to Superman! This Aquaman was history in the making for the character!

sinister kiid says:

I honestly was blown away by aquaman. Really enjoyed it. Expected garbage

Andy Fox says:

Coy perfectly described my feelings on both Aquaman and the 3rd act of Black Panther.

Khaosmatrix says:

To Rocha’s thought about Mera being the ruler. She’s not Atlantean.

Shane StLaurent says:

The only TV show I don’t watch anymore is The Gifted. I just don’t care about anything happening on it. Loved Polaris though. Runaways and Cloak and Dagger are very good

Ron Cortez says:

Pls review again after second viewing.

Mark Earven Mendoza says:

DC can’t catch a break with this critics. The only opinion i respect here is Coy. DC or Marvel he seem to be genuine and just plain enjoying both.

shariff quinones says:

Aquaman was simply a great superhero movie. Just chill

Johan Eggink says:

Coy is on point!

Max Ertzbischoff says:

I thought the movie was great I was cheering at the end haha

Doug C says:

This is why i rarely watch this shitcast. Aquaman was great overall w/ a few flaws but still awesome better than black panther n wonderwomen, but they are all shitting on it. Rocha is the worst – he loves and defend tranformers to the death but Aquaman is a bad. Fuck you rocha second rate reviewer.

D-2tha-G 22 says:

Dam I miss John !!!!!

Alex Vallejo says:

Never once in the movie was it implied or said that Arthur and Mera were in love or falling in love; definitely an attraction and feeling each other, but love nah, more of a side thing to the main story. I like that Amy mentioned how Wakanda has its laws and customs, as does Atlantis; may not agree with it but those are their customs. Arthur could change that in the future, but for now that wasn’t the point of the story in this movie. It seemed some people wanted A LOT more, but this is a limited time movie. I think they did a solid job; thoroughly enjoyed it and I was fully immersed. Not all the jokes landed and I thought Black Manta was hit and miss.

XOVO says:

aq is blood, that’s why mera wanted him to do everything

Áßhi says:

You fucking asshole. So, crowd watching the fight which determines who their next king is unrealistic for you in Aquaman, but it was perfectly fine in Black Panther, right? I respect different opinions as long as they’re rational, and doesn’t come off as two faced, or biased as Rocha’s.

Mera could have lead whole Atlantis instead of needing Aquaman’s help (arguably most powerful Atlantean- he didn’t lose to Orm, his trident gave up), because she was more worthy of it as she was more intelligent. I bet it never occurred to him that Shuri was more than capable of leading Wakanda as well as being far more smarter (in fact, smartest in MCU acc to MCU), why did it have to be a ‘male’ then?

What’s this whole fuss about Octopus playing drums? It was no freaking big deal. Topo is in the comics, and he plays music. I bet none of these weird things bothered this clown in Ragnarok or Civil War- which was all over the place in terms of tone. One moment they are all serious, other moment they’re all joking. But, since it’s DC, you got to nitpick.

I’m one of those who found MOS meh, hated BVS, despised JL, loved WW, and I thought Aquaman was an incredible. It’s a very difficult movie to pull off, introducing not only a gigantic whole new underwater world, but multiple different kingdoms, and making them look real with top notch visuals, and they nailed the fucking movie. It’s not a masterpiece (none CBM is besides TDK), but it’s still an epic fantastical adventurous ride more than just a superhero movie. I enjoyed it more than Black Panther. And, the fact I knew all of those snap victims were coming back put me off at the ending of Infinity War. Spidey 2 was freaking being shot at that time, and Strange 2 was expected to be announced. GOTG3 was announced, and all the stuff. So, it didn’t connect with me.

I agreed with some of Amy’s concerns, but I found them really minor like Willem and Patrick not delivering Oscar worthy courtroom drama acting during their scenes, and I thought she was trying too hard to nitpick. Like, those are seriously minor points. When you look at grand scheme, Aquaman delivers a whole lot to love.

Gary Davis says:


Sweetexorcist7 says:

You guys are the only reason I watch collider these days, keep up the good work!

Gary Davis says:

Truth is it isn’t a marvel film so can actually be picked apart.

Rick S. says:

The purple hair is hot!

Áßhi says:

I find it cute how knowing every single snap victim in Infinity War was coming back anyway didn’t put off any fanboys during the ending. Even to this day after seeing all those leaked clips of Far From Home. It completely belittles the ending of Infinity War if you aren’t being blinded by bias. But, how dare an Octopus plays the drums.

Sweetexorcist7 says:

I actually agree and respect all the opinions here, well versed and honest!

ddox2010 says:

Sounds like their expectations got in the way of them enjoying a fun movie. Good counterpoints Coy.

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