AVENGERS 4 ENDGAME Trailer (2019)

First Trailer for AVENGERS 4 ENDGAME


Jason Phillips says:

Remember Dr. Strange said there was only 1 way in 14 million that would work…and remember he can make time reverse…..so ……

Ya Yeet says:

1:04 Look at my boi Thanos hitting that T – P O S E


How the fuck he take off the helmet….it was nanite suit….!!!! Hail hydra..!!!

Project Zorgo Member says:

Why does tony look like he’s homeless and poor and why does his place looks like he is, again poor


OMG!! Hawk eye Back!!! Baby

דור גפן says:

How the f*ck did cap get so young? Jeez

Iwant todie says:


CrushingWicky 87 says:



Now we will finish……hail hydra

Carl LaRosa says:

That is looking a lot like Kang’s helmet at the beginning, or is it just me?

Penguin Lover says:

What does the 10 mean?

Aman Smith-Martin says:

1:32 i seem to be the only one who thinks ronin killed that guy and was wiping off blood.AMAZING TRAILER!!

Fe Herrera says:

Avengers assemble!

Random things happen girl says:

Ant man is like the only one that’s like chill

CN Nur Allysa Eizzaty says:

omg ant man was funny LMAO, 50% of living creatures have vanish and he casual and cheerfully ask peeps to open the door lmfao

Oscar28 says:

me gustó

Dominic Infante says:

go commit not feeling so good

Trevor Price says:

hold up….in Avengers Infinity war didnt Thanos remove his exterior armor in the ship carrying the Asgardians before destroying it with the power stone…..how did he get his armor back….hehe

The Real Ethan says:

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! Yassssssss!!!!

Icewallowcome 123 says:

Thanos armor doing t pose 1:03

Gregory Marshall says:

According to the captain America actor this is the last movie he is going to be in he is gonna either die or not be an avenger anymore soooooo yeah

Luel Almonicar says:

Thanos why did you have to snap stan lee out of existence

OofWi i says:

They should play the song Space Junk while Tony is in space.

kevin bailey says:

is this going to be it will the avengers end

Farrah Nansi says:

this in atlanta????

Sara Saritoos says:

0:38 wth is that groot in space ship with tony (top left corner)???!?

FilmSelect Trailer says:

And here we got the first trailer for Avengers Endgame!
What do you think of the title?

Fort Nite says:

Fortnite anyone??

Luel Almonicar says:

1:02 t-pose
Thanos is with t series confirmed

Sunshine x says:

Am I the only one that got a Titanfall 2 feeling at the beginning?

-oh ok-

ErihgioqE says:

It’s called Avengers Endgame because Thanos game ended everyone

Tane0 says:

daredevil would fuck thanos up

Lauriza Shariff says:

One Easter egg in space group was outside star lord Ship

give me 1k subs with no videos please says:

Nooooo I can’t wait till april

Nature Havoc says:

Go sub to me plz I need to prove I can at least get 10 fans to my friends

The_ Catastrophe says:

if thats how he dies im done

Stalin _ says:

Morning mr.freeman looks like you’re running late

DomesticSlaptrain says:

wait…. it said the camera video feed of scott lang was from an archive and was recorded in 1983?????

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