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Avengers: Infinity War First Look (2018): Check out the new Avenger: Infinity War first look starring Chris Pratt, Robert Downey Jr, and Tom Holland! Be the first to watch, comment, and share trailers and movie teasers/clips dropping @MovieclipsTrailers. 

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Ashu Abdul says:

all is good but how thor got his hammer back beacause hela broke his hammer in thor ragnarok

Austin Flores says:

Grot will kill thanos

Hamad Darkness says:

The best marvel movie ever

Xanthe Paine says:

I remember when I went to see guardians of the galaxy 2. At the credits these kid were messing with the projector and my brother went up to them and yelling at them. They left straight after that. It was great

Marvel is the best. If anyone (especially tony or peter) dies I’m gonna die. Along with two of my friends. We went on a complete rant couple of days ago. It lasted about an hour

Souleymane Diallo says:


Lavin Pillai says:

Do hulk will appear?

YamuraSan[馬鹿!〜] says:

I wonder what’s Stan Lee’s cameo gonna be like

daan willems says:

rail leadership calculate turn separate pond fuel body.

abhijeet kankal says:

Got goosebumps can’t explain it the feeling waiting for it when infinity war hits the theatres …..

كافة المعلومات says:

ارجووو المشاركة مع قناتنا

Ellora Priyadarshini says:


EndMeSoftly says:

did you run out of ink ??

keepit1oo says:

I just checked out your video, it was litttt!! Keep it up and check out my channel if you get the chance!!!

Ndara Fredrick says:

is thor stronger than doomsday

Md.kawsar Md.kawsar says:


Kishan Singh says:

kishan singh

Phim Hay Thế Kỷ says:

hay đấy

Ramadina Safitri says:

Cooming son Nice.

Space Geek says:

2:56 What’s Thor holding?? Its certainly not Mjolnir

Guest Anonymic says:

♠]♥♣[♦ :” Avengers: Infinity War First Look (2018)”.
♠]♥♣[♦ :” Avengers: Infinity War First Look (2018)”.
♠]♥♣[♦ :” Avengers: Infinity War First Look (2018)”.

Thank You.

johnisha caytie sauro says:

OMG this is so gonna be awesome I hope it’s a 3 hours movie I’m Soo EXCITED Lord before I die PLEASE PLEASE LET ME WATCH THIS MOVIE

Seviche 4 life says:

They’re gonna try to fight Thanos separately in the first part and fail miserably and realize they need to come back together in order to defeat him, then in the 2nd part, they get together and fight him, but fail, and the only way to defeat him is to time travel and stop past events from occurring, ergo defeating Thanos and introducing new characters into the mix due to the time travel. Sacrifices and deaths will be made to defeat Thanos and the new MCU will be forged

Adam Lewis says:


aagii ganbat says:

Its gonna be goood

DecemberPaws says:

if you look up avengers 4 go to cast and you’ll see everyone who survives and avengers 4 is NOT I REPEAT NOT infinity war so basically im happy cause

Wanda survives
Black panther survives
Vision survives #WANDAXVISIONMF
and everyone else who idc about
oh and SPIDEY

UnknownAnonymous says:

Guardians of the galaxy has the violet infinity stone remember when their fighting ronan


Tony fans hit like

The Sleep says:

Would be better with yondu…

Lit Charmader says:

i know whos gonna die its stark trust me

Gabrielle Losi Paras says:

the people of tumbr have been waiting

Shanna Sweger says:

i wonder what the box office take away is going to be, this has been the most anticipated movie in the last 5 years. Its the movie ive been waiting to see since the first avenger film

ChallengerJeff says:

Ghost rider is in the dust

Md.kawsar Md.kawsar says:


Prep Siege says:

Iron man in civil war was weak

Gilang Studios says:

DC Comics Be Like “Retreat,Retreat Ya’ll”

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