BILAL: A New Breed of Hero – Official Trailer (2018) Action Adventure Animated Movie HD

Bilal: A New Breed of Hero in theaters February 2, 2018

1,400 years ago, Bilal, a seven-year-old boy, with a dream of becoming a great warrior, is abducted into slavery with his sister and taken to a land far away from his home and thrown into a world where corruption and injustice rule all. Throughout his life he undergoes many hardships, through which he discovers an inner strength he did not realize he possessed. Through these experiences, Bilal comes to realize that if he is brave enough to raise his voice and choose his own path – everything becomes possible. It is through his courage, that he frees himself and ultimately his community; It is through the power of his voice and faith that his lifelong dream of freedom comes true. Bilal grows into a man who will inspire the world.

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Bilal: A New Breed of Hero is an Arabic 3D computer-animated action-adventure film produced by Barajoun Entertainment. The story is by Ayman Jamal, with screenplay by Alex Kronemer, Michael Wolfe, Yassin Kamel and Khurram H. Alavi. With this film, Jamal aimed to depict heroes from the history of the Arabian Peninsula.

It depicts the life of Bilal ibn Rabah, who, known for his beautiful voice, was freed from slavery and rose to a position of prominence in 632 AD. The voice cast features Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Ian McShane, China Anne McClain, Jacob Latimore, Thomas Ian Nichols, Fred Tatascoire, Cynthia Kaye Williams, John Curry, Dave Mitchel and Michael Gross.

Bilal premiered on December 9, 2015 at the 12th Annual International Dubai Film Festival, and was released later on throughout the MENA region starting September 8, 2016. It received positive reviews and was a box office bomb. It won “The Best Inspiring Movie” on the Animation Day during Cannes Film Festival and “Best Innovative Movie” at the BroadCast Pro Middle East Award. Bilal is also nominated for Best Animated Feature Film at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards or “APSA”, the region’s highest accolade for film. APSA winners will be announced on the 24th of November 2016 in Brisbane, Australia.

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Bob Jones says:

He does not know da wae

alzauri fatahillah says:

I dont see any relation between Bilal the company of prophet with this movie. This is just a person named Bilal. Like a person named Ahmad, has no relation with prophet muhammad. So this is just another fiction, why bother to make it as a topic for argue.

Nailoth says:

It spells assassins creed to me

Randy Austin says:

Not watching it because the main character looks black that’s racial discrimination go back read your own comment bro lol

الجليد الحارق says:

بانتظار صدوره رغم اني لست متحمسا له و اعلم ان السناريو غيروه و عملوه حتى يتناسب مع رؤى الغرب كي يرضى عنهم….يلعن كس امهم واحد واحد حاشا الي فبالي

und3rgr0undfr34k says:


Jinn Jun says:

I love Bilal he is strong in his heart I wish I had him as a friend

Andy Derksen says:

Great warrior? . . . Hmm, wars not make one great.

nitz vision says:

Shiva is name of God

Sultan Mirza says:

Plz don’t use Islamic history
All Muslims loves all

عَبْدُالَلَّه سَالِمْ القُرَشِيِّ says:

May Allah strike your countries all of you west countries for twisting the real story of bilal the friend of prophet Muhammad peac be upon him bilal was the first slave who had his freedom by islam and you twisted his story you sons of satan idiot west may allah ruin your countries

James Moore says:

I’m not too fond of the animation style ,other than that looks like a great movie

راضياقوت الشرايبي العلوي says:

جميل جدا لم أفهم شيء واش هدا فيلم وثائقي

lukas smets says:

Medical galaxy wrap next campus supply earth frozen call scenario.

Slavic Power says:

Deus Vult! 😀

Ksmith 2017 says:

XDDD Billal ?

The F Dude says:

More sjw bullshit evil whites males

caan riz says:

This movie has nothing to do with islam ….

Cliff Ott says:

Muslim propaganda, plain and simple

Nigel Bagguley says:

that music what is it. Amazing

dav singh says:

Where’s the apple of Eden

Andy Derksen says:

So, what makes a man “great” is living without chains . . . and subjugating women, and forcing Islam on non-Muslims. Got it.

GMG123 says:

“Inspired by true events” Pahahahaahahaa xD

Secret Character says:

bilal kkkkkkkkkkk
aqui no brasil esse nome nao vai cair bem kkkkk

Peter Tremblay says:

Shame on you making a male warrior character instead of a feminist bitch in black leather suit!

Ahmar Saeed says:

Looks better than expected!

fake name says:

and the main antagonist seems to be white somehow

Asura says:

let me guess, another film that pushes the liberal agenda and covers up real history

Sérgio Feitosa says:

alahu akbar *boooooooommm*

Vince Claes says:

Particular hunter lucky bright eventually rock treatment.

OkamsRazer says:

The story does seem to deviate from the traditional form. In the tradition the story unfolds that Bilal is born a slave to his master Umayyah NOT taken into slavery. His father was an Arab slave and his mother was an African princess who had been taken into slavery and they were both the slaves of Umayyah.

Whats not revealed in the trailer is the importance of Bilal because he was renowned for his ability to sing and sing so beautifully that he became (according to the story) the first Muezzin and was chosen by Mohammed himself.

Shazia Razaq says:

Bilal was the with the beautifull voice who the prophet chose to call/sing the prayer azharn

Autistic Viking says:

He lives in wakanda

My Print says:

Lol Many Non-Muslims are being so Rude about the Film..
So muchh Jealous of a Muslim name Film??

momo mourad says:

this is not true story of bilal

watch the true story Life of ‘Amr Ibn Al-‘As (R.A) and Bilal Ibn Rabah

20min and 43sec….story of bilal in link video

33booyaka33 says:

For an animation movie in 2018 those characters look like shit.

Clive Pilusa says:

How about…….NO

Smasher says:

Looks Good?
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montblanc noland says:

.mother: what do you want to be when u grow up

Bilal: pussy

Lol was gunna say terrorist but i dont think thats pc

Tazer Turtle says:

When Bayek gets the origin story he deserves.

hita ya says:

just think if they all killed each other back then the world would be at peace.

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