BUMBLEBEE Official EXTENDED Trailer (2018) New Footage Transformers Movie HD

BUMBLEBEE Official Trailer (2018) John Cena, Transformers Movie HD
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Thomas Christopher White says:

I can’t believe I’m saying this…. but… this looks really really good.

TheLastROB 787 says:

Holy fuck shockwave

Trung Nguyen says:

Hailee is so pretty!!!!

Crazy4hire says:

Ok ok ok……….. OK!!! Im in!!! Shit, cant believe it!!… IM IN!.

Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo says:

Bumbelbe en cines

Jaylen Adams says:

relieve extreme then roughly region researcher wing identity expense.

Wonder Z says:

I’m totally sold! Can’t wait to watch it with boxxy software!

Kevin Coffey says:

What nooooo!

Kijunsen says:

Apparently, John Cena is in this movie. Anyone see him?

O M says:


Noah Larsen says:

Looks like fun

Odhran Logan says:

Holy shit it looks perfect


1 st to like

streglof says:

yass digging old school Optimus

LetzPlayGamezYT Egnite says:

wow star screams voice is more deeper

Henry Williamson says:

Theres a strange feeling in my chest.  Is it hope?  For a good spin off movie?

Ivan Villarruz says:

The only probable flaw here is casting Cena.

Bezerra says:

Why cant transformers movies just die…

Sinemadan Önce says:

Nice Film

Jasmine says:

WOW THIS MAKE MY PANTIES WET ~!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

xyz productions says:

If moron Michael Bay is not involved, the movie would be great!

Tasena Fortson says:


Derrick D says:

Take note Michael Bay this is how you should have started the damn franchise!

Johnboy121239 Johnboy121239 says:

They have fucked with the Rong beetle

rafi almonte says:

Esta película sera un éxito lo siento se ve super

Randy Richards says:

Bumblebee Tuna.

정해윤 says:

존시나 나오나

LeBron James says:


puro b says:

Awesome ..More realistic and original .

Javier Vaughn says:


Mattron Prime says:


Jaume Fuster Serquera says:

There are too much scenes with nothing on them in this trailer

짐똥원투따리Drink says:

I like it

Nicole Zhang says:

I’m loving the G1 inspired designs!

Anuar Safian says:

this look awesome! transformers from 80’s animated

ToshiPukszi qwe says:

Why are some of the frames feel unedited? Like he words “she ran” who’s sayibg that?

reeka3ful says:


ed marks says:

Are they going to make this into a series of films?

Dropkick Lar says:

Remember all those times that Micheal Bay said he couldn’t make the movie Transformers look like the 80s versions because it would look stupid? Fuck that.

cheesepuff mike derulo smith says:

Wait is that the rust bucket 0:18



IP Films says:

My god, u have no idea how bad I want a cybetron movie that looks like that

Kara says:

At first I thought she said “My back, Bee” and I was like … what an odd thing to say

baba jani says:

My favorite

Wayne Adams says:

G1 Transformers… It’s all I need.

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