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Bushworld Adventures | adult swim


Cameron Jones says:

Bro i remember this came on i thot i was tweaking i didnt kno wat i was watching

imtheonlysane1here says:

Fucking aussies


Can any Australians confirm that 0:34 – 1:07 is a common occurrence in suburban Australia?

Nils Rath says:

What is this

Matthew King says:

this is one of the many parallel universes with a rick in it

codkillman 935 says:

i love this one then the original XD

Freakin KAT says:

More people should try and make content! It’s super fun. If anyone wants to hit me up, I’ve got a few people who do animation and Voice actors are welcome to join in, hell writers 2.

David says:

Well, you managed to take the only thing good left on Adult Swim and fuck that all up.
What the hell happened to Venture Bros. or Metalocalypse? The only thing left on AS that’s any good, aside from the anime, is Rick and Morty; and there’s nothing good left on CN anymore.

Vindico says:

What the heck, I am even more confused than usual, which is hard with this show.

Mijin Gakure says:

Rick and Marty is a show written by liberal feminists for autistic 12 year old’s to teach them how to be good little cucks. The only thing in the fucking world worse than the shit fuck show are the little kids that watch it. That being said, this fucking retarded shit here is a whole different level of autism. I didn’t think it was possible to make something worse than the actual show, yet you did it. I feel like someone divided by 0 to make this fucking cancer.

Luca Dunstan says:

This is so good

hyper tails says:


InfamousBelphegor says:

*P U T T H E W I T C H E T T Y G R U B O N Y O U R C O C K*

Some bird That can talk says:

Most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen

Tired angel says:

GeT iN tHe FuKiN cAr MoRtY!!!!!!!

Karl B_TV says:

Think we found the rickest rick

Vuk Petrovic says:

This needs to be a limited series rick and morty thing

Slasher009 says:

Best rip off of rick and Morty ever

Groggy Coastal says:


Kai Richardson says:

3:22 *N A H*

Jared P says:

someone loop rick telling morty to get in the car

RIHTS 824 says:

Hahahahaha face rick

Cat Head Gerard Way says:

Lol what the hell did I just watch? It was pretty good tho…

Cameron Craik says:

Funny how a joke episode is funnier than the entire series.

lookoutforthatninja says:

As typical with Australians its just one big shitpost.

TurboGuard says:

Way better than the actual show

Matthew Reyes says:

Little Morty sleep

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