DOOM ASYLUM (1987) – Movie/Blu-ray Review (Arrow Video)

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ScaleReality says:

so what you are saying is Arrow have basically polished a turd 🙂

rabidhammer says:

Holy cannoli Piz, maybe my favorite review from you yet lol. I have been feeling like crud but this cheered me up. Somehow also, I may have never seen this, so now I must ha.

Blu terror says:

Hahaha I love this review ! It’s made me decide to buy it just to see how bad it actually is !!!

Boner Lee says:

Always been a big fan of this movie. It’s definitely cheesy and odd but I think it’s a fun watch. I will definitely be picking this up.

Michal Sokol says:

One of the best slasher films in my opinion

Ben Borchardt says:

Quality piece of 80’s schlock, and I mean that in the best way possible of course

visitedbyvoices1 says:

I saw this once… and it was enough. Fans of shlock like Splatter University will find a lot to like here, though it’s important to calibrate your expectations to the sort of bottom-of-the-barrel entertainment this is.

Dade Matthews says:

Pizowell off topic to this video but if you go to a channel called midnights edge, they’ve done an interview with Tom McLoughlin, Jason lives director.

Michal Sokol says:

Great film so much fun

Belis Karlosi says:

The only good thing about this movie is the mind-boggling mystery as to how they keep getting people to pay money for this content. Haha.

Joseph Charlesworth says:

Was curious about this one. May have to pick this up just for the commentary by The Hysteria Continues. ❤️ those guys!

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