Dragon Quest 11: Echoes of an Elusive Age Review – The Final Verdict

Dragon Quest XI is a stellar game that displays a great command of the ins and outs of its genre the way few other games can and do. What it lacks in originality, it more than makes up for with its confident execution of ideas, showing that a game doesn’t need to be revolutionary or the freshest thing on the block to be an incredible experience. With a memorable cast of characters, a well-told, briskly paced story, stunning and vibrant visuals, and a beautiful and extremely varied world as its setting, Dragon Quest XI serves as yet another excellent instalment in this amazingly consistent franchise.





Joon Kim says:

USA version has hard mode. Maybe u played easy mode?

Work To Game says:

Oh man, really looking forward to this game! 🙂

moffatt says:

11:15 the ass of steel

Q says:

you know what the fact the music is not orchestral is just a no buy, miss that dq8 music…

1,000 Subscribers With No Videos? says:

Hello Someone Scrolling down the Comments, Hope You Have A Beautiful Day.

Sjono says:

Final Fantasy XV: Wah they changed so much
Dragon Quest XI: Wah they changed so little

Scott Crofford says:

Criticizing Dragon Quest for being traditional seems like missing the point of the thing.

Arlen Harrow says:

Boycott American release!
#fucksony #bringtoswitch

JP says:

Performance on pc?

LemuresXL says:

The harder difficulty mode is only available after beating it once!? That’s crazy… I mean don’t get me wrong I’ll still buy multiple versions of this because I’m a DQ fanatic but I was hoping to play the harder difficulty right away.

Raul Rojas says:

And people are more hype for spiderman than this? just why?

the1stassassin 42 says:

This is a game that has dragon it the title and the protagonist looks like android 17 from dragon ball z.

Timothy Kugan says:

Spoken like a real fan , thumb up

Huey Blue says:

My favourite RPG franchise

Thomas Ainger says:

Can you turn off the mini map?

Fatih Zeyrek says:

The draconian mode is available at the start of the game, you dont have to finish it once.

Froto Swaggins says:

Android 17 is that you?

Rob Haskell says:

Why dont you fight with your monsters?……. I played one of these, no, two of these, and they were awesome. But I loved the monster mixing. This looks like shit, even though the enemies are BEAUTIFUL and a perfect mix of OG and modern graphics.

DarkSteel says:

i love that giving characters different weapons gives a little player agency but each character has a unique skill tree giving each character an identity. Every single aspect of this game can be defined as simple elegance.

Me ZMAN says:

Shall upload a play through of this game.

Omio Rahman says:

This was the best game in the series.
I like this main character

goggles789 says:

First review that I’ve seen that actually talks about this games bad points.

Yadon Slow poke says:

why cant final fantasy stayed like this.

lunatic26tan says:

Did this guy even “finish” the game?

Phantom Joker says:

Damn I cannot wait!! September 4th can’t come fast enough.

paradoxxor 77 says:

…Patiently waiting for the Switch version…

Captain Future says:

Awesome review, awesome game. Dragon Quest XI here I come!

Camille F says:

So happy I got a ps4 pro

BloopinDaThird says:

I invested 200 hours in the Japanese version I give it a 10 also the oomph or pep system in this game where you turn into a super version of yourself is very random.

PixellatedEpiphany says:

Great review! Thinking of grabbing this on the PC.

After some performance analyses of course. We may be in for a lovely game, but PC specific issues do crop up with new releases from time to time.

Jacoby Nero says:

Im relieved it hasnt changed. When shit changes too much it becomes mainstream bullshit. I will never criticize dragon quest for doin its thing:)

Amazing Mercenary says:

Will this have coop

Artimes X says:

Jeesus i barely even played through half of Ni ni kuni II yet or Xenoblade Chronicles II, between Those two games, Dragon Quest XI and Kingdom hearts III. This has to be one of the best years ever for JRPGS. So many Large blockbuster Budget Titles.

spam says:

Coming to this after watching Tom Roger’s actual in-depth review was a bad move…

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