Dragon Quest XI – Prologue Movie | PS4

Every story has a beginning. Watch the DRAGON QUEST XI Prologue Movie to see the events that unfold before this epic adventure begins. DRAGON QUEST XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age is coming to PS4 on September 4, 2018.

While it is the eleventh mainline entry in the critically acclaimed series, DRAGON QUEST XI is a completely standalone experience that features entirely new characters, a beautifully detailed world, finely tuned strategic combat, and an immersive story that will appeal to long-time fans and franchise newcomers alike.



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Myles Hamann says:

Looking fwd to checking this out in 4k.

Clueless Pheasant says:

if only chrono trigger were to be remade like this. I guess it’s no more than just wishful thinking

trixie tang says:

I hope the liquid metal slimes are ready to be destroyed.

McLovin says:

Its just water chill tf down

ricardo martinez says:

the game have spanish subtitles?

Florentin Eckert says:

Animation, soundtrack, voice acting, and (from that very brief glimpse) story all look amazing… unfortunately, I can’t stand turn based combat. I guess I will have to experience this vicariously through YouTube.

locked89 says:

Will definitely buy this as soon as I can!

Alessandro Savoncelli says:

I m ready maddafacka

luqmanr says:

Baby krilin

AV!D says:

was really debating this game because I tried 7 and couldn’t get into it, but will definitely get it on a sale and add it to my backlog =D

Curious Casey says:

Reverse prince of egypt

Insane Comedion says:

Coming for the Switch to?

Ace Gaming says:

one week left!

NecroSeraph Yami says:

The beautyof this game reaaaaally makes me want a Remaster of Dragon Quest 8. That game is my favorite game of all time.

KoopasRevengeHome says:

that moment when you see more comments about goku in the comments rather than moses….. or willow.

Pitágoras Neto says:

Queria muito esse jogo com legendas em PT-BR! Se viesse eu compraria no lançamento.

TomatoDragonPSN says:

Oh man can’t wait! It’s been getting excellent reviews. Still have my Dragon Warrior NES cartridge.

Leonardo Durão says:

Dragon Ball + Final Fantasy = Dragon Quest.

Stealthfang says:

3:45 I’ll name you… Goku. And thus the story of Dragonball began. 🙂

Aurkus23 says:

1 more week!

MrZiv742 says:

Then he went to liberate the Hebrews from Egypt

brenton irwin says:

I hope his big sis is ok

Andres Coria says:

That’s the cutest baby on any game ever

tangy tablets says:

What are those invisible Kodama-looking things called? They’re adorable but seem pretty evil. Also, that young girl looks vaguely familiar.

Vinicius Vieira Costa Datti says:


Aram Tapacian says:

A few more days for me also, this must be the best pre-order I have done this year

北条TEKU says:


kelel says:

weee weeeee weeeeeeeee oops *Crunch* ..uh oh…

J-Squeezy says:

It’s starting to look less and less like Akira Toriyama’s work as the series goes on.

レタス says:


Christian Schmude says:

Anime Moses!

Geenaxion says:

Yes! Few more days to go!

Luiz Gustavo says:

Vegetaaaaaa OLHA BAIM

Evergames says:

is this ps4 graphics? i cant wait to play the PC version in 4k…

Shotaro Imai says:

Oh so there’re voices in English version(°д°)

hipten says:

I’m just waiting for this old man to be carrying that baby in the back of his basket and have him fall off a cliff and then hit his head.

Edwin Chacon says:

espero que en esta entrega aparezcan los saiyajin xD

CGcarmineCG says:

After so many years, finally a Dragon Quest at the height of times.

dmk mc utd says:

I be playing this till red dead and I play that’s till cyber punk comes out

TPDManiacXC626 says:

I’d sure like to know the English dub cast for this game.

Welmosca says:

Aah it’s just Krillin.

Hmm Doh says:

I dono y when I see the headless horseman. They remind me the one in konosuba XD

meerkat1954 says:

Ugh that midi music…. ugh. Ruins the atmosphere.

toddle says:

is this game made in 1999?

Chris Wilson says:

GOAT series. Right up there. Can’t wait.

paiprguy says:

Is this shown in game?

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