Dunkirk – Trailer 1 [HD]

From filmmaker Christopher Nolan (“Interstellar,” “Inception,” “The Dark Knight” Trilogy) comes the epic action thriller DUNKIRK, in theaters July 21, 2017.



Mr. Nilsson says:

Dunno why everyone likes this movie. Literally every single film of Nolan is better than this one. It is a piece of art in points of sound and visuality but the story …..the poor story

Olle Sävlind says:

there will be many dead defending UK jew bastards

Johnjohntv 69 says:

Great cinematography but maaan… what a shitty film this turned out to be. 4/10

menckencynic says:

I cannot believe this is the same country giving in to Islamists and race Stalinists now.

Kathlyn P. says:

Just watched this and I so wish I had watched this in IMAX 🙁

real new says:

This is the most beautiful movie i ever seen in my entire life

Ali Lewy says:

This movie deserves to win Oscar

Amirul Halim says:

Wow..harry styles(one direction) on dunkirk..

Avijit Sarkar says:

Christopher Nolan rocks <3 <3 <3

Mike Paul says:

There’s more dialogue in the trailer than there is in the whole film.

MsTarocchi says:

Love that ticking clock type soundtrack. Really creates a sense of utmost urgency of time running out, to get the men to safety.

How_to's says:

What makes this movie so special?

Christopher Nolan

gypsychavie says:

shit acting. shit film. fact. wat a waste .

negui46togui says:

Operation boring shit

Channel490 says:

The genius of this movie is little to no character development and allowing the viewer to feel, movies get bad raps without character development this one I believe it’s genius

dfdfdgg gjhjjh says:

Holocaust never happened, world jewry started both world wars and 98% of the communists in Europe were jews.

3sl says:

ثنين كبده

Sanpopnoo Bear says:

I hate it when people complain when a film isn’t 100% authentically perfect – as if everything can be replicated and accounted for in one movie.

Another thing if you don’t find the film interesting then your probably not very good at following a story – you don’t need everything spelt out for you. There’s a lot going on in this movie and you can either understand and appreciate it or you can’t.

Derek Andrew says:

You don’t see one German in the whole film!

TripleTreuViet says:

So basically the movie it’s about watching the axis hammering the allies like target practice. Stupid

Bhargavi Naik says:

♡Harry styles♡

luvk7777 says:

a MOVIE about 1 hero and hundreds of thousands of a pu****s (all of them brexiters). poor choice of a plot nolan, poor choice.

ALEXANDR1239 says:

From shameful flight made a heroic feat. How is a Western.

Deejay Kavana says:

TOTALLY missed the mark on this one I’m afraid. Huge opportunity missed by those that should know better. Droning music humming along in the background, a spitfire with endless gliding abilites and charactors as dull as dishwater. What on earth where they thinking of ? Dull and boring in spades.

ProudtobeDutch says:

This movie is truely a MASTERPIECE.. chapeau for the makers!!! imdb should rate it at 9.5

aLiveWithoutWar says:

yes this operation was only possible because Hitler dind’t hear on Feldmarschall Manstein. If the tank divission hadn’t stopped, the whole allied army in Dunkirk would have taken prisoner. But the Oberbefreite Hitler knew everthing better and dind’t listen to the advices of genuises like Manstein, Rommel, Guderian, Mackensen etc.

AleKWS says:

Some talent and millions of dollars wasted for one and a half hour of suspense… That’ s about it. Shoulda watched something else!

Emmanuel Geshin says:

most boring war movie ever….inferior in comparison to FURY or HACKSAW RIDGE

yusuf emre dirilmiş says:


gamingcanadian says:

I don’t know why would the British or Canadian soldiers shoot the Ju 87s/Bf 109 with their rifles because how I see it does nothing

Hope Anonymous says:

Cillian fookin Murphy!! By order of the Peaky fookin Blinders

ilan marchal says:

Bring appreciate memory pet saving picture remarkable amazing enter temperature everywhere urban.

Andiie says:

This was an incredible movie.

Sea Tac says:

Movie is boring skipping the movie was awesome

David Kolb says:

I saw no French fries in here (sorry I just had to XD)

SouhiL ERR says:

Bullshit film

TheMrMouth says:

Chris Nolan in allways uses same actors in his movies. Not all of them but research and you will see..

Your Local Neighbour says:

I admire UK for their resilience.

Tina Biba says:

Am I the only one who finds that guy Tommy so handsome?


Watched this Moive – looks slow initially , but quickly you are in the “WAR zone” , with emotions and tensions building music keeps you getting engaged along with a bit non-linear narration ….. it really plays with your mind like earlier nolan movies .

Paolo Maldini says:


Phil Mitchell says:

Anyone who calls this movie is a retard and deserves to get punched in the face. If you don’t like this movie, go watch shitty movies like Justice League and Transformers instead.

nazih bouklikha says:

Girls we all know the reason for which you’ll see the movie !


Dont watch this movie, it sucks dino turds hard. Lame lame lame, no action and its boring af.

Matt Nakata says:

Hey whats the name of the music that plays towards the end. I don’t think thats in the movie soundtrack.

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