Thanks to the Voice actors! These guys are great, check them out:

Christopher Jennings (As brown hair guy)
Ashe (As black hair guy)

And thanks to you guys for watching. I know it’s been a while since i upload anything but i was trying new stuff. Let me know if you like this kind of videos.

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Default player says:

2:43 it’s a llama!

Mathijs Paquin says:

why did they have umbrellas if they have not won??

the badass gamers says:

You left the llama

German Valles says:

The dumb guy acts like Patrick from spongebob

Zaidin Soap says:

4:29 Hacker Drift

Little Weapon X says:

2:41 sniper to scar

igay says:

1:26 who remembers that Spongebob episode?

GasparXD_2010 says:

Fucking today’s

James Jones says:

I will

Alex Medrano says:

2:44 there was a llama

Yamal Patel says:

I love the animations

Fort nite says:

5:45 Actually, it tastes like piss.

Matthew Gaming says:

This is soooooo funny but they need to learn how to play the game because they are trash

AidanBrandon Vazquez says:

Life of two defaults

Patrick Gheorghe says:

I think you’ve mistaken drift with John wick

Caden Patton says:

They have no nose

Anna merta says:


Michelle Gould says:

Well when he moved his arms he was holding a scar

nayel trocchia says:

Why there is only Nintendo music ?

Fired Phoenix says:

2:46 they missed a loot llama

Freddy Martinez says:

I like how the one with brown hair has a scar every game

Jude's Jude says:

your first one is better

Shark Bait says:

Tell me its mint

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