Gingerbread Man Hacker Battle! Escape Room Adventure Challenge!

The Gingerbread Man has targeted kids channels after being kicked out of Project Zorgo. He makes Game Master puzzles that they have to solve or the GM Hacker will delete their Youtube Videos! It’s up to Elijah, Summer, and felipe to Nerf Battle and try to solve these escape room puzzle challenges or they won’t get the videos back!

The Gingerbread Man is targeting these channels.

Twin Toys –
ExtremeToysTv –
SuperHeroKids –
Onyx Kids –
David’s TV –
Trinity and Beyond –

And tons of other channels!!! Let us know in the comments, who else you see getting targeted!

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Sarah Mozam says:

The ginger bread

clare Robinson says:

he is not real

DnG McLeod says:


D Singh says:

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Elyzab Menjivar says:

I got a doll toy and LEGO

Amber Buckmaster says:


Itzfunny says:

Gingerbread man

Nasrinara Pervin says:

I like to save from the Gingerbread man

Omar Martin says:

yay, gingerbread man is gone! but he’ll be back

Lee Eckerson says:

Hi 695 gingerbread man

Chrisly Cineas says:

Bluetooth headphone

ameer 1923456789 says:

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Amber Buckmaster says:


Sarah Mozam says:

Man has gray hair

Mirza Karisik says:

Fouk you

rawkilla juvens says:


Kendra Hulbert says:

100000000000000000000000000000000000000. Gingerbread man has. Bean. Deleted it makes me mad

Katrina B. Phillips says:

Gingerbread man bro he has it in candy

clare Robinson says:

project zogo is watching

Tash F says:

It could be frosty the snowman or snow

kristine cubrevica says:

Cool. You. Guys

Nikhil Tripathi says:

Watch my video that I posted on YouTube

feras-maha rmadan says:

306 jinjerbred

Farhana Nitu says:

I love your super cool Videos.
I am waiting for more Super duper Fantastic Adventures. I did subscribe and like your channel.

David Kent says:


Dryidea says:

Your acts are so good!

Athena Garcia says:


Aiden vlogs and crashing says:

Your cool

Ian. hoareau I'm a big fan Elijah hoareau says:

I’m. a big. fen

Shelia Lewis says:

well you’re my best friend

Anne Brennan says:


Austin shaw says:

Game master

Ajitpal Sarao says:

hate gingerbread man

abdulla H says:


chew baca says:

1000000 subscriber 10000000000 likes

Matthew Stott says:

50 ?

eb198400 says:

Wd r

Peehu Ranjan says:


munther alsalami says:

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Squisny De Vera says:

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der King says:

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Here are my numbers
And my last number is

Susan Proctor says:


Anne Brennan says:


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