Gold (Full Movie) Western, Adventure, Klondike Gold Rush

In the summer of 1898, a small group of German compatriots head into the hostile northern interior of British Columbia in search for gold at the height of the Klondike Gold Rush. Battling against the harsh terrain, things get worse when they discover they are being stalked by a pair of ruthless killers for unknown reasons.

Written and directed by Thomas Arslan, 2013
Starring: Nina Hoss (A Most Wanted Man, Phoenix), Marko Mandic, Peter Kurth, Uwe Bohm, Rosa Enskat, Wolfgang Packhäuser, Lars Rudolph
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Nominated for the Golden Berlin Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Variety writes: This involving, naturalistic period piece, full of tension and immediacy, satisfyingly exploits the conventions of the late-era Western as well as its ruggedly majestic landscapes.”
The New York Times writes: “But the outstanding merit of the production is to be found on its technical side and there is little reason to question the report that the big German company spent a huge amount of marks for the purpose of making cinema gold.”

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Phil Gordon gordon says:


Ken T says:

and they actually spent money to make this ?

granskare says:

I wonder why this film was made.

Bill says:

Anyone else rooting for the guy in the top hat to die by the 27:00 mark?

RainmakerDabs says:

china man knows english without a chinese accent… 23:33.. this movie is lame. so many historical inaccuracies makes it hard to watch…

Joseph Pecoul says:

Damn good movie.

vlutter55 says:

Excellent movie, loved it!!!

Mike Fowler says:

this is a horrible violent movie.,…

Aren Ditren says:

whether it is in English or German, it is still so boring… simple script, no acting, cheap production…

SteveG says:

I am grateful to have been able to see this movie. No bad language, no nothing that I would want young children to see. Thanks for the video!

Yasmine Nazarine says:

Sad journey all gone brave woman left alone is nice to be around with people not jorney like that

g. cisco says:

its gold jerry gold

Lorenzo Zee says:

I like to see positive reviews but no mentions it’s dubbed in english and the acting (dialogue) is horrible. I couldn’t stand it after about 10 minutes.

jim j says:

One Very slow movie,

Tim Tran says:


Paul Suprono says:

How symbolic . . . .

Ken T says:


Jon Mitchell says:

Nuggets await you! No TV azz . I’ll pass

Robert Martin says:

Thank you !

E.H. Lipton says:

Can tell this will be a lousy movie they didn’t use the metric system in 1800’s to measure mile!

Edward Chavez says:

Awesome movie

charles phillips says:


TheSawhappy says:

Is that a fiberglass canoe?


not a well known Gold RUsh topic that people came from all over the world…thanks for the upload!

strattuner says:

you never know how tough you are till you made the whole trip,this broad is detemined

Nancy Valdivia says:

At least they didn’t murdered the first Nations men, fives bucks that was cheap payout.the first Nations shoulda told them they needed a ID and the river is a Border wall No Ocean foriegn Illegal immigrants allowed .

Dennis Webster says:


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