Greatest Survival Films: The Action Guys Take on Mother Nature.

On this episode of the Action Guys Podcast, Ben Bateman and Andrew Ghai discuss the greatest survival films.

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Brett Jones says:

I unfortunately haven’t seen enough of these survival films so I don’t have a list but I still enjoy yalls commentary. Another great show.

pvthitch says:

I could survive the woods no problem. I always carry a lighter and a Swiss Army knife, and I don’t even smoke. Boy Scout Forever!

Eric Warner says:

Love your podcast guys!!

Ian Schroeder says:

The ultimate survival movie: Homeward Bound.

Joshua Gerald Butler says:

Absolutely love you guys, love these films, especially The Grey as a fan of Liam Neeson. Can’t wait for you guys to face off in the Schmoedown.

filmnerdtv says:

Some of my favorite survival movies include, 127 hrs, into the wild (watched that and read the book in school), the grey (so underrated, such a great movie), the reverent, and buried (again another underrated ryan Reynolds is so damn good)

Detroit Diezel says:


TheFlickinCritic says:

“Live… and die on this day”

Fixpont says:

this is the most underrated show on collider, my fav was the nolan vs fincher

Brian Keogh says:

Buried was an amazing survival movie

Paul DiNuzzo says:

Another fun show…as Drew walks outside to the cops checking his car…

Solskjaer 1999 says:

Haven’t seen it in years but Alive was great. Based on a true story I think, South American Rugby team’s plane goes down in the Andes?

Richard Jarvi says:

mother space is my new favourite thing 😀

Ibra Dayne says:

Keep up the good work fellas, love listening to you two talking shit aswell as your insights on movies, greetings from France!

Tornado Chaser says:

I love this show! Keep up the great work guys! NEVER leave me!

darthrevan4570 says:

the grey was an awesome movie….i loved the edge to

Mathilda Stenbäck says:

127 hours is my personal favorite. It makes me feel like I’m there with him. I can barely make it through the whole movie, and that’s a good thing.

Jack Draper says:

Maybe Swiss Army Man could count as a survivalist comedy? Also All is lost is great and JC Chandor is an underrated filmmaker

Justin Radford says:


Jim W says:

The “takes a turn” moment in Lone Survivor is when they are at the cliffs edge and they decide the only option is to jump off the cliff. They ended up doing that several times and you are just like “when is this going to end?” . The Grey is another great movie that i missed in theaters, but thoroughly once I saw it. The Edge has so many great lines.

It's AhhhRealMonsters says:

Win a goldfish here!

Bryan Sowder says:

Another amazing episode, thanks guys!

Mike Deacon says:

Love the Life’s Too Short references!

Paquette Stephen Brett says:


Johnny Goodfellow says:

One could argue that Life Of Pi should come off the list as well.

The real antagonist is human, but in the story is represented as a tiger. It’s debatable because we only find this out right at the end, and it’s never 100% confirmed but heavily implied.

Writing this comment at 10 minutes in, just in case this comes up later.

Megbearrison says:

Back Country is really good too. Most gruesome bear attack scene I’ve seen in a movie.

Jay Cunningham says:

Lol love it, “really I have got a gun in my car right now”.

Brian Twiss says:

I grew up rural, but I never took to it. Never liked fishing, certainly not hunting. I’m just a city boy at heart, I guess.

neil Varma says:

The grey !! Also call of the wild

Kristine Ng Foon says:

I’ll happily be the 3rd to say it… “Alive”
Also wanted to mention a movie I saw in theatres a couple years back when the Korean Film Festival came to our little twin isle republic of T&T. It was only 2 days and shit sold out fast so I only caught one movie: Northern Limit Line. Omg that film wrecked me. Would love to hear your thoughts if either of you got/gets to check it out. Have a great weekend, guys!

Duncan S says:

Hunt for the Wilderpeople. Primarily a comedy about 2 people lost in the wilds of New Zealand, they fight a boar and lead a crazy car chase in which a cop car gets flipped. I think it’s worth a mention even if mother nature isn’t as tough on the protagonists as she is in the movies you guys mentioned. Recommended.

Justin Towns says:

We used to do a drinking game back in my younger days called the edge. Everytime they say “Charles” you drink, but better go with beer. They say that shit three times in a sentence at one point. Needless to say I’ve seen the damn thing hundreds of times.

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