Honest Trailers – Game of Thrones Vol. 1

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The return of “Game of Thrones” is upon us! Watch as we break down the most perfect mix of history, D&D, and porn ever made!! PLUS, for the first time ever, we are offering this Honest Trailer in two versions: SPOILER and NON-SPOILER!! All men must choose!

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Honest Trailers: Game of Thrones
Directed by Andy Signore
Series Created by Andy Signore & Brett Weiner
Episode Written by Spencer Gilbert, Gilli Nissim, Dan Murrell, and Andy Signore
Edited by Dan Murrell and Casey Donahue

Voiceover Narration by Jon:

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partha sarathi Bhattacharyya says:

Regar targerian + aunt laisa = john snow= agon targerian ….so complicated

Marcos Pascual says:


Joe Arguin says:

R.I.P about 50% on this list

Linus Andersson says:

so true

jbentley8383 says:

“The starring part” had me holding in laughter while I’m at work!

Marc Wegscheider says:

`´Its kinda like a history test…but with dragons and beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwbs“

Avi Singh says:

honest trailers-westworld

Elizabeth Adewale says:

Do seasons 6&7

halleck3 says:

R+L=J —> Renly+Loras = Joffrey

metalicass2003 says:

Whenever I forget Walder Freys name, I just go with Willie Nelson.

Patrick Boylan says:

Smug: those who have seen all episodes
Smugger: those who have read all the books
Smuggest: those from Philadelphia who have read all the books and noticed every place they mention mummers.

Darth Sidious says:

Those beeeeeewbs are smaaaaall

Shyam Dattani says:

Please make one for friends. Please please please

declan bez Cahill says:

Or Warwick Davis kills him hahaha

Snoopy says:


enniobg13 says:

I enjoy this Honest trailer a lot more then the first 3 seasons of Game Of Thrones.

canadmexi says:


Who’s that? Sorry.

Darth Killhoon 1st of the Gray Sith says:

King Justin Bieber funny

Daniel Goodfriend says:

Is it sad that I can name all of the characters that this video couldn’t? Bro season 8 isn’t here fast enough like tf

Robert Gibby says:

I’m really glad we can still say things that the show doesn’t touch on that the books do. That way we can say things that mean something that show watchers have no clue about

mohsen maghrebi says:


Zahra Hadi says:

Do the vikings

Rocky Balboa says:

this is spoiler more than season 3 LOL hahahahaha

Hendrawan Wijoyo says:

Do The Cornetto Trilogy!!

TheKobeyaoming01 says:


A - dora - ble says:

Was that an animaniacs reference at the end!!!!??? By acme I had completely forgotten about that show.

Camille Lopez says:

i still laugh alot after watching this!!!


روووعة – wاشتـرك بقناتي

Chuck Findley says:

I like wench’s butts…I cannot lie!

AzTK says:

Lord Friend Zone LoooooooooooooL!

Tuco Benedicto says:

No matter how many times I re-watch this, I always lose it at “…And that’s just the first episode!”.

TJ Acree says:

Say “No one says bewbs better than me. No one” .

theoriginalanimeker says:

Dang almost everyone is this trailer is dead

#like hike says:

please make a conjuring honest trailer

IWatchAnime WithNoSubtitles says:

Wait, he didn’t forget incest right?

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