How Avengers Infinity War Should Have Ended – Animated Parody

How Infinity War Should Have Ended
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Rosie Winchester says:

I can’t believe he called deadpool

peter papadimitriou says:

Funny stuff

Sowa Power says:

Spider-Man Spider-Man does what ever a spider can
Everything’s turning dark I don’t feel so good mr.Stark
Oh no there goes the Spider-Man

40grand says:

It, isn’t abbreviated. Like the word it in the name of the channel

thundergameing155 says:

thanos sure do loves his bubbles

Mika Ariff says:

Wow why don’t marvel do like hishe did

funnycrew 11234 says:

answer to question- Peyton reed

sazzatul alam says:

How come Thor has both eyes?

Torontoian_007 ismyname says:

The end was basically the REAL infinity war ending.

Z e r o says:


An_oblong_turnip Summersnail says:

Too soon (rip spidey)

Doggo Adrenaline says:

“Siri didn’t know how to get to Wakanda”

Gp tamil tech says:

Well. This is how its should have been ended.

Linda Ollerenshaw says:

Did any one soo jaws at 9:33 like if you did

peter papadimitriou says:

Cute I like the baby outcome LoL but hopefully the next film won’t do that one

rasheed olayemi says:

stop doing parodys u are bad at it

Julian Cavaleri says:

6:35 ouch

Bella Blondon says:


Cadence joseph mark Smith says:

groo the wanderer??? 🙁

DeadNightmareZ5 says:

You guys have really good ideas Dr. Strange so could have just cut his hand off

Afiq Art says:

Dr.Strange can teleport to Wakanda using his power

Gp tamil tech says:

R.I.P Stan Lee our hero

Meadow Skye says:

At first I was like where tf is Loki, then I waited till the end and I was like oh there’s loki

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