How To Make a TRAVEL VIDEO – 10 Tips you need to know

With your trip just ahead, it’s time to learn how to make a travel video with any camera. These are my top 10 tips to making a cinematic and engaging travel video of your upcoming adventures.

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-What camera and equipment do you use?

Nov, 2017


Irosha SL says:

Nice video i like video friend

Fabio says:

Great job! You’re the best

Anastasia says:

Why am I watching that I can’t even afford a camera

YvanYVH says:

Thank you for the tips, check out my New York travel video when you can.

Brad Pera says:

These tips are all really good and useful. I especially like the idea of creating your own transitions with the camera rather than relying on software built-ins. Thanks so very much!

Judi Christopher says:

Music is everything… 
except when it overpowers the
person talking… when the background music is not in
the background, but is distracting, annoying and unnecessary…
Especial when someone is doing a “How To” video and it is so
important to be able to HEAR the person talking…
… at the first of this video… your music was (almost) too loud,
it wasn’t a background music, it was up front and competing with you…
I listened to the music more than I (could) hear you…
I totally agree that we need background music, or when we’re doing a montage
of scenes the Music can be the STAR… but not when we, the viewer is trying to
hear YOU>…
Thank you for a great video..
… and don’t even get me to taking about too many “Jump Shots” …. irritating…

manohar singh says:

I love,,,this MOST

Hibbardhousefull says:

Great tips! Thank you!

Travel Channel YT says:

We have Travel Channel at Can anyone advice how to make it more popular by more subscribers, view, share?

bjorn Mohr says:

dude when you said “sometimes shooting on normal speeds like 30fps” I am straight off to that dislike button.

Kates Reviews says:

Fascinating information|Love the video} Need some free video software? Go to:

aldrich inciong says:

Wanna check this out for your next travel video? Just click the link

What The Dude says:

thanks !!!! LIKE SHARED & Subscribed it 😀
thanks for all the information!
15 days ago I bought G7X & I am loving it, all my recent videos are shot on it, Do check it out
I will surely use your tips in my videos ahead

E X O D U C E says:

5:50 mt. Mayon from phi whooo proud Pilipino

Samantha Friginal says:

I never get to make memories when I travel because I always forget to whip my phone out to take pictures. I was always too in the moment and basking in the feel of the place

YouTube u says:

I’m 25 and I’ve always loved taking pictures videos you name it and just got my first go pro I want to get really into it I can edit for hours I just love everything having to do with taking pictures and making it come to life and showing the audience what I see… feel like I’m too old to start 🙁

Dóra Tapolcai says:

and what if someone just got an iphone to create videos with as a beginner? :$

Backpacking the world says:

I learned so much from this video. Thank you 🙂

Didaya BongAlong says:

One of the hardest things…Picking the gear to use and being able to travel with it. I had a 32kg checked limit on 1 flight. Connecting flight was 23kg and you couldn’t buy excess. I have a trip coming up in July. Do I take the GoPro or the DJI gear? Can’t take both with the DSLR. Then, do I sacrifice the DSLR for a point & shoot & take the drones?

Antoine Pavy says:

Hey in french we say “numéro sept” and not “nombre sept” I know it’s not logical XD

Manas Naik says:

Very informative video, Learned a lot. Hope soon I can try some travel videos

Bibin Varghese says:

Really appreciate your help……

SoCal Rc Guy says:

Forget the big brick lens, all about gopro

Trino Maldonado Pulgar says:

Great video. Very clear everything. Congrats. By de way, seven in Spanish is Siete. Hugs from México.

Erica Valencia says:

Very informative. Thank you

Naulo Sanchar says:

Summary of the video : invest lots of money on camera and gadgets

Jeffrey Winch says:

Many thanks, I’m a new vblogger and I’ll be trying these tips out straight away!

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