HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 3 Official Trailer (2018) Animation, Adventure

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 3 Official Trailer (2018) Animation, Adventure
© 2018 – Dreamworks

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makhara reatrei says:

when it’s release

Allen Sagor says:

cant wait

Lara Nunez says:

What month is it coming out

Kamila D. says:

Ok, is it only me or does Hiccup looks just like Jack Gyllenhal here….

Miskir Tiku says:

Look my cute toothless grown up hes trying to impress a girl but hes still funny and cute

Vinoch Vasan says:

Where’s the mum

Spicy Witch says:

I feel like people are just ilking this franchise but it’s like a part of my childhood so I guess I’ll watch it to see the conclusion.

Ibeth says:

He looks like John krasinski

Sasha Vaknansky says:


just a channel says:

Thor the dragon over here.

Long Nguyen says:

1:21 back the fuck up

Olivia Dunbar says:

this tugged at my heart strings this was my child hood

udayan udaya says:

the friendship of a lifetime and epic conclusion
is there won’t be any HTTD 4

Ya Na says:

Omg..i got goosebumps

Jake Huth says:

If this episode is going to be as great as the first two were then we will finally have an animated trilogy that would be able to compete with the Toy Story trilogy.

山崎Rin says:

Sad thing this is the lastest ;-;

Eric Ward says:

Like the Banner Saga trilogy, the HTTYD adventur ends with a bang! I can’t wait!

Skewy says:

I swear if all the dragons go bye-bye i will dwell so bad, I’m already recovering from Infinity War. Dreamworks please don’t…

Animates456黄色忍者 says:

Oh shit they are cute

Zaharah Imran says:

please tell its not the last HTTYD please..

Shubham solanki says:

Dragen open link and see

Original Moana says:

Where are the others the twins and stuff?

Vehrox Gaming says:

the piano at the start does anyone know what song it’s from?

Ayse Besra Bicak says:

He looks weird with beard tho

thokchom ome says:

Most awaited movie of my life….hiccup is hilarious…cant wait anymore…

крафт крекер says:

2:18 ahahaha is this funny

It'sMegan 347 says:

you have no idea how excited I am for this!

Na Hmdan says:

Its very amazing Ivan not wait for the part 3 so sad plz quickly relise

Yahya Shaikh says:

Why is it the last movie I was hoping atleast 20 more


AHHHHHHHHHH the hype ive waited so long for the next movie i hope that after this one that they make many more i cant wait for this one to come out ive watched all the movies 3 time and all the tv shows this is my favorite disney movie.

Jack Le says:

I love t

Xùdíp Børà says:

Exited to watch the film…

Mnmhusni Husni says:


Savage kid says:

A girl toothless he better get his kids coming

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