Ip Man: The Final Fight

In postwar Hong Kong, legendary Wing Chun grandmaster Ip Man is reluctantly called into action once more. What began as simple challenges from rival kung fu schools soon finds him drawn into the dark and dangerous underworld of the Triads. Now, to defend life and honor, Ip Man has no choice but to fight one last time.


1sunstyle says:

For a time I watched Benny Meng, curator of the Wing Chun Museum on youtube but they took the videos down! I love this movie. Thanks!

Earl says:


ISubmitto TheWillofGod says:

I get the fact that Ip Man’s women students were jealous of the lady taking care of him (she wasn’t Mrs. Ip), but damn…..he deserved companionship, and someone taking care of him(especially in his condition). Pretty immature of them. She made him happy also, so I don’t see the problem in that. I will say that I ADMIRE Ip Man’s character (he reminds me of my father, who was also a Wing-Chun student, as well as Shoto-Kan Karate-Do, Aiki-Do & Jiu-Jitsu….yes, my dad was a master student of all 3 systems (no such thing as a master teacher, even Sifu Ip Man said that. Read his Biography written by one of his students) ). I’m still striving to get to that level of mastery of self. I hope that one day I will be there (I probably won’t notice it either…lol).

TigerGraze says:

I consider him the best self-defense Kung Fu Grandmaster of all time.

Jonathan Hannah says:

What a great movie

John Smith says:

Not enough ads!

Cristos Palabras says:

Wow. #888 thumbs up…which is cool because I achieved my 6th degree black belt 8 years ago.

HD shovel Ed says:

I thought I’ve seen all the IP man movies thru the decades of my life… must have missed this one… have to put it on the to watch list

Aguacatán Huehuetenango Guatemala. says:


QuesosPesos 32 says:

A little underwhelming compared to the others. No wonder its free unlike the others

Javier Pelaez says:

Bonita película thanks YouTube

J. Brujo says:

This movie is tits. I really dig the telling of his older years with less fully fantastical elements. Great flick.

Silky Slim says:

I can take em in my dreams

Fall says:

Glad I watched this.

Sivamalie Tuiletufuga says:

Thank you tube for putting up this great movie and history about ip man, Bruce Lee MASTER . It’s a blessing,

Rgb Rides says:

just saw it in full.. good subtitles… thanks B Lee

selohcin says:

Wow, IP Man? Is this the movie where one brave Chinese man stands up to the CCP and makes them start respecting Intellectual Properties and stop stealing other countries’ work?

-69,420 subs with 3 videos? ?? says:

Its free

Shawn Lee Farrell says:


H Max says:

this movie is slower than molases in minus 10 degrees. Skip to 1:28:00…..

1 290375 says:

this is the worst one

Kito says:

Good shit.

MrRmfd says:

Thanks for posting this movie. Very enjoyable!

CraftBoy24/MCPEMASTER24 says:

800th like

Bert Clayton says:

Very good of someone to upload!
Only thing the ending with a Bruce Lee impersonator. He’s not around to defend hisself. If any has been around for long enough, do you notice they wait until someone is deceased to portray them how they want? Sometimes bad things may be kinder not said while a person is alive to suffer repercussions, but still, others like Bruce Lee?? Look at things said about Elvis. Yet I’ve heard people from China scoff at Bruce Lee, then went on to tell me about others in China.

Ty Hatfield says:

love it 🙂

Tu Pham says:

what a movie ip man thank you thank you

Mark Gees says:

This part 5

Timothy Love says:

Cartoon visuals? The guy wasn’t smart enough to look across the street?
That’s about where this ends for me

awesome Bluelasercookie says:


Kenneth Thygesen says:

Was a so so movie

Edward Pacheco says:

Ip man is a true master taught BRUCE LEE IP MAN IS THE REAL DESL

James Newton says:

Absolutely loved it!

kattmilk says:

I’ve seen just about every Ip Man movie out there, but this by far is the best one!

GB Games says:


Willy Jimmy says:

Chinese always crying about Japanese oppression. Never do they appreciate the USA that liberated and rebuilt their country. Never are they remorseful about the 10s of millions of they’re own people they killed. Never do they show a charitable heart when other people in the world are suffering. We should have left the Japanese to finish them off, just lowlife opportunists that worship money above all else. These movies are bullshit trying to show a humble and spiritual China. They are heartless parasites.

稳定增益 says:


d r says:

Looks like a good movie, but with ads!?!? Stopped watching- maybe elsewhere.

Brian Smith says:

Love this movie

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