JUMANJI 2 International Trailer (2017) New Footage, Dwayne Johnson Adventure Movie HD

JUMANJI 2 Trailer (2017) New Footage, Dwayne Johnson Adventure Movie HD
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H Merimeche says:


Gabrie Togell says:

*JUMANJI Welcome to the Jungle*
The movie was AMAZING and it was AWESOME!
Incredible film! Highly recommend checking it out! [ usgo.us/JUMANJIWelcometotheJungleMovie ]

DASHRATH Singh says:

Amazing trailar but movie in relise hogi

Sarbdeep Singh says:

Its fucked up version of Jumanji 1….

abdi fahrurroji says:

DAMN..great song dude..

Mary Pollard says:

JUMANJI 2 International

ESSJ333 says:

MOVIE IS TERRIBLE!!! Awful story, acting and dialogue trying to be too funny. Dwayne Johnson doing the same thing he does in every movie. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS CRAP.

Galaxy Mustache says:

It’s a video game?

Muhammad Ali Khan says:

There was only one jumanji n that too with the legendary robbin williams !

Kei Kurono says:

Another movie with dwayne jhonson movie his eyebrow , now i know this jumanji sucks


R.I.P. Robin!

Amin Shaikh says:

Good movie for watching one time

Gaurav Arya says:

I love jumangi

Adela Pingsford says:

Luvd luvd & luvd it…I’m waiting ….

Angel says:

Cool LOL !

Peter Praveen says:

I love rock

24 hours status says:


Deshan Wolfey says:

Don’t call this Jumanji! They destroyed the Real Jumanji! Board game

Trey GreninjaX says:


aleksmusiko1 says:

Silly movie. Dwayne Johnson, as usual, not funny. Too many special effects and no brain. A pity.



Chanuwat Srıthong says:

Þ only for me ə noiwa met me now or

Ćale says:

dzumandzi je picka

aleksmusiko1 says:

They tried to make Jumanji polically correct and include some black actors. Good intention, bad movie.

Momin Khan says:

nice trailer

Brittany halbrook says:

All of you are annoying asf !! You dont like it than dont watch it ! Simple as that ! Stop complaining .. And btw your not robbin and dont know how he would react to this movie .. And to be honest he would probably injoy it cause he loved comedy .

GIGA says:


Safeena Imran says:

jumanji 2 will defently flop it,’s year end better poztponed to 26th jan

Devotional Comedy says:

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Dominique Souza says:

Yay for remakes, reboots, reloads, recreations, recycling, resources, renewals, etc.

ALNADER _290 says:

يربع متى ينزل

weare couple says:

Oh God.. I love this movies..

Chiche Hriste says:

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i love u gues !!!

Abdul Rahaman says:


Ma Gabriela Becerra says:


Ryan Murhy says:

Absolute shiteeee

Power season List says:

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle 2018 Full Movie [ HD 1080p ]
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Sm Creation says:


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