Kingdom of Icarus – New ACTION ADVENTURE Movie – Best Hollywood Films

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DDavid Mac says:

Not bad thanks for the vid

Juliastarigan Tarigan says:

Ceng pak looo

John Paul Pinera says:

Fantastic poor movie huhu

Thasneef Rasheed says:

this is by far the worst movie i have seen.. so dramatic.. no action. BS

Tekle Eman says:

good example of bad acting

Atif Mir says:

Great movie love it
That was dajjal at 1.05
And is that lady is in the Edward Maya’s video in violet light Miracles which is at 1.12

JR. ROSAL says:

Its a very nice movie Especially the Lead Actor. and the rest of the cast of this movies congratulations , God Bless..

Pontepedra Mackinly says:

Tagalog comment anyone.?

John Arya says:

It’s battle movie

Indigo Avatar says:

No comments!

Gamal Ahmed says:

I saw actors from south east of asia in this move .

طالب الجلال says:

أين الترجمه

PimpCityPlayaz says:

did he really give the cyclops some heroin!!! lmao!!!

Jerome Gawec says:

Greek literature then before die asking Jesus name.. what the heck? Aki.knees..

basharat alikhan says:

Do not west the time

احمد البغدادي says:

جميل جدا

Designer Kung says:

Great movie

বিশ্বাস BISWAS says:

My Question is how did he know that the child would be his ‘son’? Ultrasonography in 1130 BC! What a poor starting! And costumes, sets and acting are just low quality

Василий Немков says:

Где перевод бля на куй

unboxing theboxx says:


Tomas Barrameda says:

Very good and emotional interpretation of a legend.

Sada Sadiki says:

nc movie

Tay Tay says:

I never realised the ancient world went in for so much PVC and Velcro! Was the costume department on such a tight budget that they couldn’t replace the Velcro with leather (PVC) thongs or even string? Surely that would have been better than ruining what would otherwise be a decent film….. well, after Agamemnon and his ridiculous overacting was over! That being said I would still recommend giving this a watch as it improves as you get into it.

Kesha Marco says:

luislifon..your the best..

Shane Miller says:

I don’t think I can make it past 5 minutes. But thats me.

b p says:

Movie is good.but something is missing

Billy Robert says:

not good story..annoying story…waste of time..stressing…turtle moves…sucks

Lamthew Khmn says:

Great movie.!!… i love it

GaryTaz Carroll says:

great movie, Sad about silly mistakes,like a Beggar wearing a gold and Diamond chain,???? but all round worth a watch..

Aun hashmi says:

There were highly nonsense films.

Allah;The Benevolent Breast Feeder says:

the flies are really good actors

David Peterson says:

that wasnt right at all!

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