LEGO Minecraft: The Grand Adventure (Full Movie)

Steve and his friends live a monotonous, repetitive life in the in their comfortable community. When a storm hits, and monsters come about, the three are forced to begin a new life… a grand adventure.

This brickfilm was directed, written, and scored by Robert Sturdevant, founder of the channel The Action Brick. It was shot using an app called Stop Motion Studio Pro (on iPad) and edited with Motion and iMovie (software for Mac).

All of the music in this video is self-composed in Garageband. Check out the main soundtracks on my Soundcloud!

“Wet Hands”:

“Blind Spots”:

“Aria Math”:

Thanks for watching!


Super Sonic says:

I really like the movie

Monika Daisy says:

It Is So goooooood

Olivia Kwong says:


Jailson Duarte says:


Grit Trovato says:

19:59 where the hell did alex come from?

Isa Mekail Mahmud says:

Steve you are brutal

Dakota hensley says:

Love it I think you should have more subs

Bojan Simjanoski says:

Great work The Action Brick! I love your videos, the ones fk films create too. There is a new channel for lego stop motion films called ToyPro films. I think you should check it out they are pretty good! Here is a link to the video, i hope you like it and any kind of feedback is welcomed!

Mint546 says:

That was amazing. I’d really like to see another part to this. 😀

Bella Giovengo says:


legomaster 87 says:

Why would you dislike this!! This is an amazing vid!!!

GotTea _ says:

SO AWESOME you deserve 10000000000000090990282627292928729292002002029827202000000027353873537363 subs 😀

Araignée bleu et Franby says:

Come i have ham sandwich………ho hee sorry

The ZamZamyZam says:


Donald Parker says:

I saw a zombie in a suit

Aidan Black says:

Make season 2

Mateus Costa says:

Where do I find these diferente heads?  17:24 tell me plssssss

Sana Farrukh says:

Great job man and have a great new year

History Brick says:


Doctor Potato Animator says:


Growing Up Gold Studios says:

This is perhaps my favorite animation ever!

Amneries Reyes says:

I love Minecraft

BKLYNY says:

13:05 in top right you see a blended in zombie villager head!

Lý Tho says:

minecaft 🙂 🙂

BKLYNY says:

watched hole movie amazing

Spencer Brokering says:

Wow this video is amazing

bendy the dancing devil darlin says:

please make a part 2!

Bass and becky says:

Why did you upload on hitlers birthday

KeksKaramell HD says:

Everyone who disliked, do it yourself, then you maby see how much work that is…

Jules Rock says:


Joy Travis says:

I love this film

Fuckwad gaming says:

Alexes reaction to to letter lol 23:41

Dante Marshall says:

make 2

Gaming flamerYT says:

Awesome StopMotion Really Good

SUBZERO 223 says:


SuperNinja Silme says:

I actually crying at This Part 19:21

Aj YoutubeHD says:

Hahahaa scare mr pig and hide

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