Let’s Play/Hack – Pwn Adventure 3: Pwnie Island – part 1

Pwn Adventure 3 is a game with CTF challenges – it was created to be hacked. This is the first part of a longer series where we will have a look at all challenges from the game and just have fun hacking it.

Game Download: http://www.pwnadventure.com/

Server Setup: https://github.com/LiveOverflow/PwnAdventure3

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LiveOverflow
Website: http://liveoverflow.com/
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/LiveOverflow/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LiveOverflow/


THE"java©"EXPERT says:

That guy is Just Intolerable!

alex says:

Try cheat-engine ;D

Patrick Artner says:

Now I understand your giddyness on the 100k livestream yesterday about this series. Looking forward to seeing you pwn it

Zaxquit _ says:

In the starting area you can find a place to drop down, you fall through the world and can walk out through anywhere

It’s like what you’d call x-ray in minecraft etc – kinda cool and simple

Jeremiah O'Neal says:

Nice. I’m looking forward to trying this out myself.

0xff7 says:

Nice! Always had a bit of an interest in game hacking so I guess this is a perfect time to get my feet wet.

Rednesswahn says:

I’m excited 🙂

Hamed Pour says:

still better than Black Desert Online

Jack says:

For the logic gate thing the most obvious would be to teleport inside the room with the chest

Kevin Meyers says:

Nice video, pal

Atlas Tech says:

I’m currently downloading it! So excited to give it a try

Jorge Gill says:

Holy fuck. Watching your videos just makes me realize how tiny my knowledge on everything is

Mini Sota says:

Hi Liveroverflow, if you are going to be playing games its best to turn down your sensitivity so its not snappy 🙂 but looking forward to this series

0e85dc6eaf says:

Loved the video and the game. I hope you’ll continue this series.
BTW you can loot really good items from bears like AK, pistol and stronger fire ball

zseven says:

Haha, in most games i always ask myself if the developers ever jumped themself in their life, lol 😀

Regrub OcaJ - aka: 416C6578616E646572 says:

saw a lot of playing, didn’t see much hacking

RyuTenchi Codes says:

Can’t wait for the next video!

Admiral Chronophylos says:

Please increase your bitrate when recording. Also this is awesome.

HoLLy says:

Oh fuck I was planning on playing this after I created a proxy server for another MMO. I guess I can just watch you destroy it now 😀

Edmund says:

Streaming this on twitch will be pretty cool

Clemens Richter says:

22:43 “Many balls, Very fire, Ow.”

LatajacaKielbasa says:

What is this, a “Let’s play” channel? XD

Sorin Nedelcu says:

Hope I will see more o these series Good Luck! excited to see more.

harry tulus says:

Is therw any hacking tutorials on this next trip…Wkwkwk…? i so glad to see it hehehe…

Mr. KeineAhnungWer says:

Übst du deinen Text normalerweise, oder wieso ist dein Englisch im LP-Teil so … nicht gut?

TheSkepticSkwerl says:

Man so awesome. Can’t wait for the sequels

Erik Jinalu says:

Can’t wait for noclip infinite health money teleport etc. Best of luck!

iLiquid says:

the first hack you should do is character speed

Simrasil says:

I’m really curious about the challenges
looks cool, I’m looking forward to upcoming episodes 😀

Hand Banana says:

Food for thought, I’d expect most of this stuff could be over come in single player with a memory trainer, change things like: always 100 mana, 100 health, or increase your damage via memory address trainers.

Георги Ставрев says:

Woo, never been so excited about a Lets Play! Also, why isn’t this game named Pun Adventure 3: Punny Island?

Never mind, can’t wait to see its insides when you get to that. Maybe try and solve the lack of a map by getting a render of the world from within the world files? Then you could possibly put it as an overlay onto the game while playing (in the bottom corner for example, as a minimap).
I’d also not be surprised if the Pirate DLC chest expects of you to make your own key gen. The area was named Pirate Bay after all 😀

solidmage says:

Anyone else hear “clicking” sound during LiveOverflow videos?

Applejuice Prime says:

‘Is there fall damage?’
> jumps from highest point possible

vibheesha velayudha says:

its just amazing, we want more of this series asap

Capta Praelium says:

32:40 We are Jesus

Ascendant 1 says:

Never heard you swear so many times in a video.

GBRL says:

insane concept. everything excellent as always.

Ben Price says:

I always start by opening the game in cheat engine. Then you could find the dynamic address of mana and freeze it for example. You could also enable the speedhack built into cheatengine. I’m pretty sure the game is made in unity so you can open it up in dnSpy and reverse the whole thing or make changes and recompile it. Thats the best method

Emre says:

Minecraft with Shader and some MODs

Keegan K says:

Which OS do you use?

SiisKolkytEuroo says:

You should seriously fix your video encoding/codec/bitrate before making more videos in the series!

CryptoBarny says:

Best CTF

its a secret to everypony says:

Now this is my kind of hacking

Karrq says:

Are you, basically, going to do what Beaujeant’s workshop did? Anyways, I’m excited to see your upcoming videos on this series

Nathasakorn somchit says:

Does tilda command not work in this game?

fluffy_tail says:

I love how you couldn’t resist playing it legit

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