Masters Of The Universe

The fantastic exploits of He-Man and his arch rival, the evil Skeletor, are brought to the big screen for the first time in this live-action adventure. He-Man must free a beautiful sorceress who has been captured by Skeletor, and the incredible war between these ultimate forces of good and evil has the time and space of all the universe as its battleground.


Duke Nukem says:

So much cheesy goodness.

Kenyatta Street says:

no they didn’t steal that SUPERMAN graphics and music lol

William Darkhölme says:

Cant wait for the remake

roger Mercer says:

Love this movie thanks for uploading

Luis Hernander says:

This film is great it has Time travel and Star wars like nostalgia

mr Q says:

The opening music is similar to Richard Donner’s 1978 Superman

Godskin gz says:

Remake should happen

Cheyenne1Rain says:

I use to love the cartoon as a child and could not get enough of it but the movie was a real let down. I really wish they would remake it now since it would be a much better film. Namaste

Outlaw GT says:

I loved He-Man when I was a kid. Saturday morning cartoons till 12pm and thats when WCW wrestling started.. Id be on my dad’s recliner with a giant bowl of cereal..

EQOAnostalgia says:

I’m one of the rare people who loved this movie as a kid. I knew back then it was ripping off Star Wars, i didn’t care! It was still cool, and the live action Skeletor still holds up, in fact the creature effects look pretty good still, especially Karg! Beast Man scared the crap out of me as a kid, that whole scene when they busted into the school freaked me out lol.

Scott Tilson says:

Kind of dumb that big battle scene at the music store and after not one cop shows up oh well just a movie.

Mr. Lupeto says:

About damn time

vin sanjuan says:

Now they can make banner to turn hulk ,he-man will be easy for a creating it. I think will be a better movie in the future.

Roy C. says:

This is cool and all but where’s “MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE 2- SKELETOR STRIKES BACK”. It needs to happen.

8Dark Knight4 says:

I don’t think no one as watched this movie more than me. Honestly. 80s classic.

ozzyman75 says:

Man have so many fond memories of cannon films

David Jenkins says:

I would have liked to see Prince Adam transform into he man.

spook show says:

They need to make a sequel.

Lucker Loyd says:

Great story , the end choked me up…

Michael Francis Haley says:

Too bad they couldn’t make Orko and Battle Cat. Still a good movie. I’m glad YouTube is starting to show good movies free with ads. I hope they get the idea and keep doing it.

Michael Hansen says:

I’m seeing this for the time and this is a good movie

Benjamin Tielking says:

Btw~ Yes, this movie is *IMPERFECT* ~ but whoever can make the *PERFECT MOVIE* ^^^^ well, *GO FOR IT TIGER!!!!!!!* >>>>Added Bonus<<<< After *(((32 LONG YEARS)))* of waiting...I finally got to watch this movie...Nobody telling me it's time to go! just when the movie's getting interesting!...Nobody spoiling the ending or any part of it just because they got to see it & they wanna rub it in my face! & *Once And For All.......I HAVE THE POWER!!!!!!!* Good Journey to you ALL!!!


They fucked up Heman they fucked up Teela they fucked up skeletor..they fucked up the sorceress…got her looking like shit….no merman!!!!! they just fucked up my favorite cartoon!!!

Perverted Alchemist says:

This film was a classic case of the right film with the wrong actors.

Beest Boost says:

Why douse this remind me of star wars

Markis Clark says:

I have the power!

Rocky Guerrero says:

They need a part 2 with the introduction of She-ra with He-man

spook show says:

They need to make a sequel.

Anthony Bolden says:

Not perfect but I still like this movie.


This movie is garbage

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