Minecraft | THE PIZZERIA INSPECTOR | Custom Mod Adventure

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Today, Trayaurus and I are feeling a little bit hungry, but we run into a little bit of trouble when the Pizzeria is too busy and the Pizza Inspector is almost here!!

► Mods used in the PIZZERIA INSPECTOR Adventure :
Extra Food Mod : http://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/extra-food/
City Map : http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/–seogyung-city-sgc-project/
Pizzeria Building : http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/minecraft-pizzeria/

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OTHERTALE_ Sans says:


Choudhay abhi686 says:

I will trick you

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Lanny Mamahit says:

its golden freddy!!

Muhammad Huzaimi Haron says:

Make another treasure room tour plzzzzz…..

Diamond The articuno girl says:

How is this possible?! Freddy and gold are different robotz HOW DOES DAT WORKKKKK

Nightwolf 468 says:

I wish I could go in Minecraft and look at ur treasure room 😀

matt B says:

Was it good

Ethan Constantinescu says:

Um, you used a ender chest that had the secret ingredient in it, meaning that you put it in there yourself, since if the chef put it in there you would just see nothing.

Johnson Tran says:

40 mins later… hunger bar still stays the same :/

IronFNAFTheroist says:

When Freddy walks in *jingle plays*

zeke the master says:

godlen freddys ilke pizza he want to eat but no more pizza at freddys fazbear pizza

kittyfan lover says:


Thomas Lowry says:


Captain Claudia says:

So cool but I don’t think fred is he is yellow/gold

Bradley Durham says:

I love chess. Pizza

Zoe Cowan says:

the pizza inspector was frddy fazz bear!!!!!

The CyborgGamer says:

That is golden freddy. That was a special ingredient because he owns his own pizzeria called Freddy’sizza

Axel Lansang says:

I still love ur vid dan and pls do another video!

MoonTheAlicorn says:

2018 anyone??

Joe The Blue Diamond says:

Hi joe malone was a pretty fun day I was just thinking about you and joe and I will see you tomorrow and joe and I will see you tomorrow and I can do tomorrow

Tat1101 says:

The gold one is gold Freddy

Emerald Films says:

2018 squad

EvilAngel6030 says:

OMG I’m talking to Dan TDM

Long Ngô Vũ Thành Long says:

Jaki Natsumi (one of the Vietnamese youtuber) played this map! Holy goly.

Daniel Lockwood says:

I think it is a golden bar

the movie player says:

FREDDY!!!!! My goodness he must have turned gold by how tasty the pizza was

Harshys Gaming says:

It was Freddy then golden freddy

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