Mortal Engines – Official Trailer (HD)


Thousands of years after civilization was destroyed by a cataclysmic event, humankind has adapted and a new way of living has evolved. Gigantic moving cities now roam the Earth, ruthlessly preying upon smaller traction towns. Tom Natsworthy (Robert Sheehan)—who hails from a Lower Tier of the great traction city of London—finds himself fighting for his own survival after he encounters the dangerous fugitive Hester Shaw (Hera Hilmar). Two opposites, whose paths should never have crossed, forge an unlikely alliance that is destined to change the course of the future.

Mortal Engines is the startling, new epic adventure directed by Oscar®-winning visual-effects artist Christian Rivers (King Kong). Joining Rivers are The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogies three-time Academy Award®-winning filmmakers Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens, who have penned the screenplay. The Universal and MRC adaptation is from the award-winning book series by Philip Reeve, published in 2001 by Scholastic.

On board as producers are Zane Weiner (The Hobbit trilogy), Amanda Walker (The Hobbit trilogy) and Deborah Forte (Goosebumps), as well as Walsh and Jackson. Ken Kamins (The Hobbit trilogy) joins Boyens as executive producer. Universal will distribute the film worldwide.


aguyfromnothere says:

Looks like trash

lars de vos says:

eat window somehow frequently when notion musical refuse.

Levi Athan says:

What is this tho

uzefulvideos says:

This movie looks AWESOME!
But the trailer somewhat ruined it. Don’t watch past minute 0:39.
This trailer is much better:

Joseph Garcia says:

My mother my mother my mother. + Lady in white. + DeathStar.

Akshay sharma says:

Oh my goodness

Veera Sekhar Reddy Somu says:

Which book this story came from??

Levi Athan says:

This trailer saved me $20

ritik verma says:


aguyfromnothere says:

It’s Peter Jackson. Should be amazing just like King Kong!

Adam Parker says:

So gayyyyy

Aysha Kimble says:

England is my city


Some pretty bad acting in this. Steam Punk never really goes over well with most audiences, this will be a hard sell for many.

kopis117 says:

Three words: Where Is SHRIKE???

Craig D'Amico says:

So close. Music so good.. STOP with the CGI. Please. Craig Edward D’Amico.

Carbide 293 says:

If Shrike isn’t the scariest sh!t you’ve ever seen I’m going to be annoyed

uzefulvideos says:

Don’t watch this trailer!
Watch this one:

movies ka aada says:

Nice trailer

Elcin Eyvazov says:


Killua Shunkan says:

Oh god!

The AV Wiz says:

I have a few this will be better than the Hobbit, but not quite as good as Lord of the Rings. Also it’s not directed by Peter Jackson, he’s just producing it.

Sarah Coulman says:

Oof Hester.. Where’s her scars??…….. And what the heck is with Tom… ;-; AND WHY IS HESTER SO PRETTY.. I’m so confused.. I’ve read all 4 books….. .-. First one is where Valentine is Tom’s hero and totally pushed him off, so now Tom had to live with Hester. And killed Shrike, Hester’s old friend 2, Proffessor Pennyroyal, Makes Tom and Hester drop him aboard America, for a couple of foreign coins. And there becomes twists and turns with Freya and Hester fighting over Tom which makes all the (Lost Boys) -Gargle, Smew, Caul, Ect. Join in. 3, (This takes place 18 years after when they’ve reached america) The other (Enemies) Far away. Revive Shrike, and he suddenly starts going after Tom, and Hester, (And Wren gets kidnapped by Gargle) And everything happens. 4, Well…. It’s a really good book which.. Tells the whole ending of the series sooo… Might not need to say it… And I’m sorry if I ruined all you’re books I got to overreactive. But I might’ve not been too specific on everything, cause some parts are really good and secretive. But I must say, I am super excited for this movie…!

Joel Elliot says:

Well it’s a Peter Jackson movie so get ready to sit your ass down for 3 to 4 hours.

dRifterGames Fortnite, Roblox and More says:

Great book, great trailer and from what I’ve seen – A great movie. I cannot wait for Mortal Engines


O I love the smell of cgi and male character became side kick

Whitney Elizabeth says:

Tell me why this looks SO much better then the book. I just finished it and it was literally one of the HARDEST reads for me to finish. It was so boring until Part II, which is like 25 chapters in.

Floppy Disk says:

I thought this is a game

Darkling 099 says:

what the fuck did they do to my Hester???????

Atul Sharma says:

Hey Universal pictures, make a movie on The epic Mahabharata.

nurcahya destiawan says:

I think lady in the red suit is the main hero’s

fazwan kusumadinata says:

Howl’s moving castle?

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