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2018 horror horror review movie review shudder
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Brian Morris says:

What about Mandy??

just artsy things says:

Awesome list! I always find myself agreeing with you on what movies are good so I’m definitely going to be watching these! I also love Hereditary it really is a masterpiece because it’s so creepy and beautifully shot!

L Ashton says:

Unsane was great. I tend to prefer movies with a nice polished hollywood look but Unsane was so well done that i got lost in the movie. Excellent pick. A Quiet Place was another of my faves. It set up such a tense atmosphere.

Chloe Rose says:

I really loved CAM too! I just watched it without knowing anything about the information. Really, a great movie.

V.A. Rambo says:

Birdbox and upgrade were ok. But know where near a good as a quiet place.

Sophia G says:

Hereditary was personally my #1 but Unsane was sooo good. The whole time I kept going back and forth thinking was she crazy and was she not crazy? They really did a good job at putting so many doubts into the viewer and constantly was surprising me!

Coasters, Gaming and Stuff says:

Great video! I haven’t got around to seeing many horror films yet this year, but Hereditary immediately became one of my favourite all time films as everything that happened in that film I couldn’t have expected, it was so shocking and genuinely horrible, and Toni Colette was just fantastic, hope she gets at least an Oscar nom because she was just GREAT. Looks like I’m gonna have to watch Unsane now!

Frank Williamson says:

10 – Unsane
09 – Overlord
08 – Strangers Prey At Night
07 – Suspiria
06 – Halloween
05 – Upgrade
04 – Mandy
03 – Revenge
02 – Hereditary
01 – A Quiet Place (tied)
01 – Annihilation (tied)

I haven’t seen Birdbox or Cam yet.

Honorable Mention – Summer Of 84

Andy Dobson says:

Unsane I thought was fantastic very underrated movie last year plus have you seen clovehitch killer I’d highly recommend it

Fernando Rivera says:

My list:
-The Strangers: Prey at Night
I still haven’t gotten to see Unsane, Suspiria, revenge or The House that Jack Built. I really enjoyed birdbox too!

Northwinds says:

why is upgrade a horror. the super, look away, elizabeth harvest, the nun?

Moo Moo Puppy says:

Yeah, not Tom Hardy did well

Moo Moo Puppy says:

Watch “The House That Jack Built”

Warm Wishes says:

Favorite horror films of the year;
Terrified (Argentinian horror movie)
You Might Be The Killer (A great 80’s throwback slasher with a rad end credits song)
Ghost Stories (Starring Martin Freeman)
The Endless (my number 1 spot)
I highly recommend all these movies!


You are really nice…

Shane says:

Unsane was indeed a very good psychological horror movie. Just watched it tonight and i definitely will be watching this movie again in the future. Very surprising movie, did not expected it to be this good

NK Productions says:

The only youtuber whose recommendations i trust !

Jenny Silver says:

I can’t be the only person on the planet that HATED hereditary … ugh hated it so much. Suspiria was SSSSOOOOOO BORING and AWFUL I couldn’t make it to the end, tried 3 times

Shawn Bailey says:

Great list and apparently I need to see Unsane… super disappointed to see Bird Box make the list over Halloween though, the love for that movie is driving me nuts. Otherwise though good list!

SFbayKID says:

WHO use Note pad & pens these days…lol ….#1 MOVIE OF THE YEAR is HEREDITARY with Oscar performance of TONI COLLETTTE , was Turly terrifying also u missed Suspiria 2018 was VERY GOOD that one would be #2 and #3 should be Quite place

David Cottone says:

Suspiria only lasted 2 weeks around my area

Gavin Wolves says:

Got a couple of movies I haven’t seen from this list to check out and now subscribed! Thank you 🙂

Lasse Pedersen says:

1. Suspiria
2: Mandy
3: Heredetary
4: Revenge
5: CAM
6: The cleaning lady
7: Anne and the apocalypse
8: Puppet master
9: Summer of 84
10: Boar

Not all of them are scary, ut all of them are entertaining. And Upgrade isn´t a horror movie, but its fucking awsome.

Jasem says:

I’m glad Upgrade is in the top 3. It filled the Sci fi/action void this year for me. I really hope there is a sequel or if there isn’t, I would still be happy with the ending.

Leo says:

Great list, You didn’t see Mandy?

Robert Mitchel says:

did u not put halloween in the list??? did i miss it…how??

stephen Kennedy says:

1 A Quiet Place 8.9 /10
2 Anna and the Apocalypse 8.5 /10
3 Insidious: The Last Key 7.5 /10
4 Upgrade 7.5 /10
5 The Wildling 7.4 /10
6 The First Purge 6.5 /10
7 Book of Monsters 6.3 /10
8 Annihilation 5.8 /10
9 The Cured 5.4 /10
10 Ghost Stories 5.3 /10

MsGraciie13 says:

Could you do a top 10 psychological thriller/horror movies?

cemetery romance says:


1960's Clint Eastwood says:

I love 80’s style, brutal gore, absurdity and over-the-top dark themes in horror movies. The House That Jack Built, Hereditary, Terrifier, Possum and The Strangers: Prey At Night made my 2018.

Zoe V. says:

Really now? I started watching Unsane and I fell asleep half way… I didn’t like it at all… Also it was poorly filmed…

gashthrasher v.2 says:

Hmm…a true Ginger ☺️

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