National Parks Adventure – Narrated by Robert Redford – Official IMAX Trailer – 4K

“National Parks Adventure” is now playing in select IMAX®, IMAX 3D® and other giant-screen theatres.

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Narrated by Academy Award® winner Robert Redford, “National Parks Adventure” takes audiences on the ultimate off-trail adventure into the nation’s awe-inspiring great outdoors and untamed wilderness. Immersive IMAX® 3D cinematography takes viewers soaring over red rock canyons, up craggy mountain peaks and into other-worldly realms found within America’s most legendary outdoor playgrounds. Join world-class mountaineer Conrad Anker, adventure photographer Max Lowe and artist Rachel Pohl as they hike, climb and explore their way across America’s majestic parks – including Yellowstone, Glacier National Park, Yosemite, and Arches – in an action-packed celebration that will inspire the adventurer in us all, and highlight how important it is that we protect these treasured landscapes.

A MacGillivray Freeman film, “Natioinal Parks Adventure” is produced in association with Brand USA and presented globally by Expedia, Inc. and Subaru of America, Inc. REI is the domestic sponsor of the film. Major support was provided by the Giant Dome Theater Consortium.

“National Parks Adventure” is directed by Greg MacGillivray and produced by Shaun MacGillivray. Filmed with 15perf / 65mm IMAX 3D® cameras, “National Parks Adventure” is written by Stephen Judson and Tim Cahill with a musical score by Steve Wood.
© Copyright 2015

IMAX® is a registered trademark of IMAX Corporation


“Back Home”
Performed by Andy Grammer
Written by Andrew Grammer and Ryan Met
Published by Ladder Soul Music/S-Curve Songs (BMI) / AMAB Songs (BMI)
Courtesy of S-Curve Records, BMG US, INgrooves


R. T. Fischer says:

I love the National Parks.. BUT hated this movie.. Redford inserts his own fictional philosophy about Native Americans and history.. He tries to cover the parks in 40 minutes and fails miserably..He should get a voice part in FINDING Dory and leave narration on our natural resources to adults. This flick is a commercial folks: 1-Redford..2. Subaru

NewProProducts says:


Richard Hayward says:

Saw this at IMAX Melbourne.

lovejoylight333 says:

Great movie! Saw it at Cincinnati’s Omnimax Theatre. Definitely recommend.

JJ Yosh says:

I absolutely love your video! please make more 🙂

BaseCampChris says:

Glad they made this. We are very fortunate in this country to have such a great heritage. Yellowstone was the worlds first national park in 1872. ( I used to work there! ) “Keep Hiking!”

Maranda Anderson says:

Saw it today at IMAX. Absolutely awesome.

dianesbaker says:

where can i get a list of music from this film

yossarian says:

moved to tears while watching this in New York. highly recommended!

Sheila Boldt says:

I watched this movie last Sunday in an Imax Theater in Germany. It moved me deaply! Nature is superb, the shootings are amazing! Breathtaking!

Pebbles121345 says:


Arduous Ant says:

This is an awesome video, 😀 Im definatly subbing, i will try to visit your channel regularly from now on 😀 if you can do visit my channel! That would be awesome!! 😀 Until next time and keep up the great videos! Peace

An Aerial ViewPoint says:

Great video. A lot of shots were from drones…. But we drone pilots are BANNED from flying in the parks….. So sad….

Sarah Mason says:

I can hardly wait to see this! Plus I love that it used Andy Grammar’s Back Home song!

Stuart's travel videos says:

I watched the movie on the big screen (Omniversum, Holland), and now it’s on Netflix! Great movie, go and see it! I’m a BIG fan of IMAX movies (specially from MacGillivray Freeman). They gave me the incentive to make my own HD travel videos.

JAck Lynch says:

It’s really cool to see a movie about these places, but you really just gotta get out there and experience them for yourself. It’s life changing.

Rad Matt says:

Saw this in Charlotte!

sean debuit says:

beautiful but how many Americans have the leisure or resources to visit these places?

Javier Bustamante says:

I watched this at the Pacific Science Center IMAX theatre in Seattle, absolutely gorgeous!

chocolate milk says:

I went to a museum and saw this movie

Sherry Baumgardner says:

If this doesn’t make you want to go outside nothing will.

Yajat says:

This movie was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen even though it has been 3 years I remember it all. Unforgettable, I come to this trailer every time its perfect. The greatest movie in the world with the perfect movie makers

Skreamies says:

Is there any way I can watch this in the UK? Anywhere I can purchase this online?

eren mori says:

GOP Party like to cut the budget for protecting wildlife and nature! yet middle America still vote GOP! They say Texas will be a purple state in next 20 years(from current red state). But we need to fight climate change now! Please vote Democratic in 2018 mid-terms and 2020!

Amanda David says:

I didn’t expect to be so moved by this film, but it was amazing! Definitely a must see and I loved all the songs they used in it too, you can tell they really put some thought into it! I want the soundtrack!

Karolyn Issup says:

Made me raise my right hand in praise in the middle of the theater.

Tracy Ayer says:

I think this looks like a beautiful film and am excited to see it. I disagree with the showing of the extreme sports in the parks. If you needed to get permission to do these activities, you shouldn’t be putting them in a film for the public. This encourages others to go rock climbing, mountain biking, etc. in areas that might be off limits to it. I saw the trailer and thought “Cool! I can’t wait to get my mountain bike out on the trails of the parks!” Why can’t the film focus on leave no trace and enjoying the parks as they are in their raw state?

LegoMax1010 says:

looks good

Christina Conner says:

I need the soundtrack from this film!

Ali Bakir says:

Saw the original and longer version last September at The Museum of Natural History in New York.. in 3D. Spectacular!!

Rob Thomas says:

MacGillivray Freeman for President™ 🙂

Randy Bailin says:

If you get the chance to see this in an IMAX theater, DO IT! Absolutely phenomenal.

Kiliedu Travel & Tours says:

Enjoy the unforgettable amazing #tour of your life experience. You’ll have the best tour guide who can help you enjoy the #adventure #safari, this will be a great opportunity for you ever before. Expect a remarkable tour and you’ll leave the #destination only wanting more.


Fantastic video fellow!

Chris Harding says:

Max Landis video had me looking for this.

Summer G says:

Astonishingly beautiful film, but i would have liked it much better without the people in it and the focus on extreme outdoor sports (which I don’t think helps people to feel like the parks are for everyone..). In many parts, the film felt to me like mostly a vehicle for them to show off, or an ad for climbing gear. Also, more of the eastern half of the U.S. would have been nice.


Saw this movie twice, in Canada and in The Netherlands where Im from, it made be longing to explore the parks myself. It’s phenomenal!!

marcatalyst says:

insert Max Landis crying

Andrei Narkevitch says:

I’m wondering why they are touching and destroying the ice on the cave’s walls? I know it will eventually grow up again, but what about people who follow them to the cave the same day? Isn’t it a wrong message to the viewer? The message is “it is okay to behave like this in the parks and destroy the beauty”, not “Take Only Pictures, Leave Only Footprints”.
BTW it is not only my opinion. After watching this in Science World in Vancouver, all my friends questioned the same.

Louis Hugon says:

I already saw it at imax but i want to see that again. Is that possible to get it ?

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