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Miiø緒 says:

i like the series better tbh,not only the fact sunny is WAYY more cuter in series than the movie one,don’t attack me-

Kimberly Milham says:

A Series Of Unfortunate was the first book series I ever read, I was 11. I love the movie because the actors and basically everything about it, however it missed a lot of information from the books. When I watched the Netflix series I was a bit concerned by the acting, however they did improve. It’s pretty accurate with the books, including eating the peppermints to get out of the restaurant. I am glad they have done the Netflix one as you get to see a visual of the book. I think to fully appreciate the series you need to have read the entire series as there are many small things that are hidden that you wouldn’t otherwise know. Overall I really enjoy both movie and series, I love Jim Carrey is absolutely amazing at his role and as he was the first of course some people will prefer him to Neil Patrick Harris, who also has done an amazing job at portraying his own version of Count Olaf. I can’t wait until the 1st of January for the new season.

Erica Barnes says:

The Netflix Tv series adds more diversity to the show unlike the movie.

MAM07 says:

I prefer the Netflix version.

Gracelouisie xx says:

I love the series and think it’s better than the movie… sorry to be controversial

Ashley L says:

Movie, 100%

Puppy_3clipes 11754 says:

The show

JessicaClay.x X says:

The show is so much better

Eleana Saraih says:

i like the netflix more because it looks like that is what the characters really would be like

John Bell says:

I like the movie better, but the series has me captivated , I just hate how they skip straight over the previous guardians and the go straight to Count Oloft. I never read the books, but I’m told that the series is more consistent with the books

Hello darkness Ok I’m done says:

Just look away, look away, look away

U Tu says:

6:47 I feel like that was a Real Estate referance, but I’m probably wrong.

Amixii UwU says:

I prefer the netflix series. Just because i’m more used to it.

Hanifa Sultana says:

actually theres more seasons in the show it doesn’t end at the school thats just the 1st season

Summer Boden says:

The film was amazing but after I read the books I decided that the tv show was better.
The show sticks to the books and is pretty much identical.
I still love the film now but I definitely would pick the show as my favourite.
One thing that annoyes me about the film is that they jumbled everything up eg. Count Olaf tried to marry violet in the first book, which is before they even meet uncle monty and aunt Josephine.
The way they made it work in the film was awesome and very well done due to the fact that they shuffled it around!
Series two was awesome and I’m looking forward to season 3

Adam Lykken says:

I watched all seasons of a series of unfortunate events (the show version)
And I never new there was a movie. So I thought the show version was better but now I think both stuff is better

DikPix says:

This video is terrible. My content is way better.

Hanifa Sultana says:

i noticed in the movie the eye tatto doesnt spell VFD and thats a big part too

Venonymous says:

the movie will always be the best in my opinion due to Jim Carry’s acting, he’s older now and doesn’t do movies anymore but if you havent had a chance to watch a Jim Carry Movie, you should start with Dumb and dumber, The mask Or The Trueman Show.

AtypicalPerson says:

Bruh the shows better this boy is just criticizing the show

jessica shnyder says:

i feel like im one of the few people here who loves the show haha, i mean, ive never seen the movie but the show by itself is AMAZING
in season two THEY BUILT A ROLLER COASTER THAT WAS FULLY FUNCTIONAL! If that isnt dedication i dont know what is
also, i just really like the tone of the show, almost each and every scene is absoltley gorgeous i mean, they clearly worked really hard on those sets
and i really like Klause and Violet in the show, although Sunny and her teeth are……*sigh*
but still i love each and every episode, character, scene and background in the show and i hope i can find someone who agrees with me.

PerfPrincessviv_ w says:

Jim Carrey should be one of the guardians in the show

Wendee Santos says:

The show is better

Oscar Glanfield says:

I agree. The show should be darker.

Christovez28 ! says:

I do enjoy the film, but it never attempts to reveal any of it’s unsolved mysteries. When In the second season of the netflix series, reveals the mystery of the spyglass. So it would have been nice for there to be sequals for the film version telling the stories from the rest of the books.

trevor Wilkinson says:

I prefer the shows, I really didn’t like the film adaptation, it just felt off from how I had imagined the tone, the characters and the story line. The way it tried to cover 3 books in that time and changed the timeline to have the end of the first book at the end of the film, felt horrific to me. Maybe if I re-watched it would feel better. But the feel from the show is almost exactly how I felt the books were.

Tone seems to be the recurring thing of who likes which better, and which matched the books better. When these came out, many of us were teenagers and at that time, tone is something many of us are still working out, and therefore the way it reads likely comes across differently to each of us. To me, the whole book series is full of ironies. Yes it feels a bit darker and bleaker, but that’s always put as a backdrop to it being hilarious, unlikely and definitely not rooted in realism. The absurdity and theatrics has obviously been played upon and brought to the front of the show because of Neil Patrick Harris, as he’s essentially the main character to the show, and absurdity and theatrical performance is his talent.

kittyRulez 2 says:

Netflix series is better

WildWolf 911 says:

i like better the tv show because it takes the time it deserves

Emil Johansson says:

I’m a fan of the books, I read them as a kid, and I thought the movie was horrible but the series is a masterpiece.

K Beckner says:

think that the show is better

JessicaClay.x X says:

The acting is just better in show

Chloe Roseberry says:

“the show was cartoony, while the movie was darker”
ACK….did the movie and show just get switched?

Nitram is a boi says:

The seies stays true to the books

Also almost everyone in the comments loves the movie.
I am so triggered.

Desc says:

My advice: read the books. You would get more out of them than you would if you watched the movie and series 5 times

Ella Ralston says:

OMG! personally I think the movie was crap! I thought that the actors were terrible.The series is amazing though!

JessicaClay.x X says:


Tracey Muy Luna says:

I do agree that the series covers more buuttt I just like Jim Carrey as Olaf better.

Harleyflop207 says:

The show is better.

Amixii UwU says:

An actor playing as an actor.

*top ten anime plot twists*

Haley Toutounji says:

I like the tv show a bit better tbh

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