Nickelodeon’s Laziest Show- The Adventures of Kid Danger Review

You know your superhero is bad when I forget to talk about the “action sequences.” Or should I say it “FEELS BAAAD.”

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—Track Listing—
0:07 Disco Star- The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie Soundtrack
1:25 Henry Danger Theme Instrumental
2:27 Menu- De Blob 2
3:56 Life on the Wild Side- SpongeBob SquarePants Soundtrack
6:06 Mermalair- SpongeBob SquarePants Battle for Bikini Bottom Soundtrack
8:36 Bonus Stage- Super Mario World Sountrack
9:19 Rooftop Rumble- SpongeBob SquarePants Creature From the Krusty Krab Soundtrack
11:20 Starfishman to the Rescue (Normal) – SpongeBob SquarePants Creature From the Krusty Krab Soundtrack
13:37 Starfishman to the Rescue (Battle) – SpongeBob SquarePants Creature From the Krusty Krab Soundtrack
I dunno why I used so much SpongeBob Music.

Sorry for the inconsistent audio quality in this one. I’m experimenting with usually an actual microphone instead of a USB one and any problems you hear here should be fixed in future videos.



I never saw the point in making an animated series. I mean, yeah there’s the wAcKy CaRtOoN aNtIcS, but many of these things clearly could have been pulled off using the special effects of the live action show. Plus, with it all being the exact same actors, characters, and writers, I somewhat believe that they just animated scripts from the original that they were too lazy to film. At least with the awful reboots like PPG 2016 and Teen Titans Go!, they’re trying something different and putting the characters in new scenarios. To make an animated series that brings nothing new to the table, especially while the original is still airing, just seems pointless, lazy and uninspired on Nickelodeon’s end.

KaccoTime says:

The logo of the suit is a tide pod.

If you don’t know what logo just click here ——-> 6:13 <------- here

John Orellana says:

What’s the difference, alot of cartoons these days a dumb and lazy, even some of the Dreamworks Netflix Originals are unbearable.

Anika Corona says:

I LOVE Henry danger and I don’t even like this show. :v

Knight 2937 says:

Henry danger was good Kid danger was bad

maxine chan says:

Was it cancelled?

Derpy Stuff says:


You are talking about Henry Danger!
Constant drops in quality are par for the course!!

Spirit Mejia says:


Blading Bandit// FNAF and more says:

You know the cartoon is also a cartoon in the show

Rowan Weaver says:

twenty nineteen anyone?

Kreuzaug says:

Wait that show really exists? I thougt they made that just for the episode. Because the animation was BAAAAAAD

Allan not Allen says:

It is so they can do all the things they can’t do in the real one

Caesar 1218 says:

Spongebob yes ya YIPPIE

Caden schacht says:

We all just gonna ignore the Shrek in his top left corner

Kendrick Roche Lanzot says:

I dismt even know Alvin had a cartoon

Arek Kaloyan says:

The reason I fuckin hated Alvin and the Chipmunks show was because they looked like fuckin humans not Chipmunks

Bingo Bango says:

11:03 when your music is too loud and we can’t actually hear you talking

Baba says:


When you don’t give her a warning

Alice Trans Queen says:

Tbh that back to the future joke was hilarious to me

Bob The tackling patient says:

I could probably make a better flash

melodysafreakingsecurityguard says:

to think this show actually could’ve been good if networks would just start putting in some fucking effort

SharkyMcSnarkface says:

> “Spongebob is back on it’s feet”


How about Your character it’s lazy

Caesar 1218 says:

And your right I just forgot .-.

Mr old boy 2005 says:

Stop saying the original show. Just say the live action series.

Yours Truly says:

No, the loud house has lazier animation.

Deena Azizee says:

6:36 lol the joke is the guy is really invisible..

Dubem Okafor says:

This has the quality of mid 2000’s PBS shows.

Kaldaryn says:

The animation is stuttering. That’s… not a good sign…

The Kalamander says:

the reason that the animation looks so bad is because the used almost nothing but puppets. they shouldnt have used the puppets that much

Billy Ball Bag says:

off topic but i like petting dogs

Jj The 13th says:

I thought they switched to animation to do stuff that would be harder to portray in live action, more dangerous and arguably more expensive?

TRN - TheRankingNoob says:

its like it was made by mr. pickles

Thaco Pell says:

I used to collect rocks

Hit Or Miss Lady says:

I blame the cringiness of Nickelodeon America and Jace Norman that this show was born
BTW : Jace Norman has a cringy Tik Tok video…

Gelatina_Royal says:

Theres a lack of feet on this schneider show

Needle I'm Ag says:

Me: nothing can possibly be worse then quality of fanboy and chum chums animation

Zack Snyder: Hold my beer

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