Nunu & Willump: To Adventure! | Champion Trailer – League of Legends

What’s the best way to see the world? On the back of your best yeti buddy, of course!


wookjae채널 sun says:

한국말 써줘

ELMA says:

Riot pls cover workshop nunus w with christmas lights and sasquatch nunus w with dirt and leaves


this teaser is so good i keep watching it.

MAXIMUM 712 GTA says:

Ornn broken zoe broken aatrox broken kai sa broken akali broken nunu ONLY GOOD thx rito <3

King Killer Bunny says:

Best rework yet.

Anarchy Edgelord says:

These guys need to meet Braum.

Galaxie_ Coeur says:


Quốc Khánh says:

I need the music video 🙁
It’s great

Liên đỉ says:

Best rebuild in year

Unbreakable Gaming says:

He said Robots not Roblox

Muhammad Fauzi says:

Hahaha…the rift scutler use youmuss ghost Blade…..:D

PHRJoshuaMarco1906 The Gnar Main says:

Did the scuttle just use Righteous Glory and Youmuus?LOL

Kaluchi says:


barış özmen says:

lütfen bamı kaldırın ad:DarkLegion 2 yıldız oyunyorumyeni jp çektim

Nuke_hazard18 says:

1:09 “Help people in need” (*Steals blue*) That sounds like most of my teammates “Helping” me with camps…

Brian Ding says:

That Tahm kench probably raged quited

pol says:

luckily I received a NUNU BOT skin in my box. I’m so lucky

Anonimo 10 says:

Woooooo xDD

Noob Gamer says:

new nunu is very cute

Ketsu says:

1:01 bai

Thug Life Doge says:

Boooy, that music…

Dragons reborn says:

did he just take the blue buff?

Original RedCrayonV2 says:

this actually looks like the best rework i have seen yet

Serpensortia says:

That was so freaking cute

Yumou says:

R.I.P robot Nunu

fkebfpahxirvxiqpqidiehxjan says:

0:20 nunu wished to kill in summoner’s rift, he’s a bloody psychopath man

Andy Tom says:

Rework wukong please

Avalanche. tk says:

ha ha ha ha ha ha (nunu bot reveal)

Original RedCrayonV2 says:

Dude that kids voice actimg is soo freaking good i am hobestly impressed and i watch anime so thats something too be proud of

Bass Blitz says:

*”no wait, robots that’s what people want”*

PopAtTheDoor says:

1:45 Who else heard “no, wait, roblox” OOF

Mahdi Ourahmoune says:


m8inho says:

New hugable scale set:
0 – A giant Australian spider, 10 – Willump

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