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Check out the official Peppermint trailer starring Jennifer Garner! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: September 7, 2018
Starring: Jennifer Garner, Richard Cabral, John Ortiz
Directed By: Pierre Morel
Synopsis: Peppermint is a revenge story centering on a young mother who finds herself with nothing to lose, and is now going to take from her rivals the very life they stole from her.

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Breazie says:

this was actually a really good movie

Mr.1 2 says:

so… punisher.

ZEN says:

“A person out for revenge for the death of their family”

*sounds familiar?*

Daryl Dixon says:

Sooo… This is What happend with Jennifer on Alias?

Andrea Markovic says:

Alias was my favourite series when I was a kid … I wanted to become a spy like her when I grow up…

hello youtube says:

can I have a peppermint …

ok I will stop

Σταύρος Μπαμπέλης says:

Law Abiding Citizen 2

Teareal Davis says:

I used to think Angelina Jolie was the best white action female but she killing Angelina ! She actually can fight and is strong . She had some arms on her she needs a 2 to this I loved it !!

jennifer palacios says:

yasssss what took you so long alias!!

smilzforme says:

not another one please

Natalie Case says:

When Peppermint too hot for you

Whale 12 says:

I just watched this and I almost cried

Thrasher38 says:

Peppermint Begins

Kid Icarus is Awesome! says:

Me and my parents watched this AND DANG THAT GIRL IS BAD ( in a good way ) XD

Moral of the movie: Never make a mom mad.

Janet J says:

I need to see this!

p kulas says:

hope john wick meet this woman

johnny walker says:

Typical Hollywood crap

onzyify says:

Desperate housewives with gangs amd guns ;D

Sheba Bynum says:

Gosh!! Jennifer wtf? I’d watch this Movie 10 more times, then one more for good measure!

Dont touch it Yo says:

am i the only one that gets bored of movies like this? person loses something valuable to them. gets angry and kills everyone. the end. if it was that easy the cartel would be a joke. doesnt matter how hard u train for how long it isnt possible to fight several people at once. numbers always win. would have been more realistic and enjoyable if she gathered up a team to get her revenge *havent seen the movie* but no. its the same for martial arts movies. kicking several guys asses at once. yeah goodluck trying that in reality. some people that actually believe they can do what they can in the movies is just hilarious. average movie to watch if youre just looking for that action… other than that this movie seems bad. if there were a 5 man special forces team vs 30 taliban it could be possible but only if they were positioned correctly such as a sniper that can kill many from afar. that ill say when numbers dont matter much. but in her situation? fuck no this is movie bullshit.

kinotii says:

Please!! spare us the feminism. I’m not going to bother with this

Teddy Laloo says:

Why did they kill her family? Can anybody tell me?

Kai Ni says:

Jennifer is so beautiful

markyncole says:

This was actually a really good movie,Jennifer Garner is pretty badass and fine AF in this.

Johny Suhartanto says:

when is there continues Peppermint 2.

Richard WILSON says:

Boring!!! Will take COLOMBIANA over this…

pacman1408 says:

Another feminist movie… One woman going against the entire Mexican Cartel and wins!! Jennifer Garner is now Wambo. The People that wrote the story for this movie lack imagination. Proof that our educational system sucks.

YamiFudo says:

By the time he got to do the courtroom scene the writing was just so terrible I couldn’t even make it through and I’m a Jennifer Garner fan . Just crazy

Robert Hubbard says:

why does Riley dial a 617 area code (Boston, MA) number to blow up the corrupt judge in Pasadena, CA (818 or 626 area code)? Odd choice. Or is it?

Crunch says:

Anyone who thinks this movie is close to being any good should just stop giving opinions on movies. This movie was terrible.

Your Jimol says:

Just watched this movie.. that man garcia he has the right to be scared by this woman.. hahah. big yes for this movie

Deanith says:

This movie deserves more fame. Honestly badass movie.

AlexandriyaSkyes MUA says:

Law abiding citizen vibes

JeanMopis says:

Bullshit #4564389

Fred C Dobbs says:

Another example of the ever widening gap between irrelevant critics and the audience. Solid Garner B-movie. Entertaining and worth seeing.

Franklin Richardson says:

You people suck yhis movie sucks and of yoir really saying it’s good you really really suck and so does your taste in movies

Raghib Abdul-Shakoor says:

This movie was very good no doubt about it !

abdu o says:


Leif says:

I’d watch this if it wasn’t a woman.

Anubisavi says:

So we had the Punisher…Death wish, And well I can name 100 movies alike …so this is the same BS ……I guess next up should be a 5 year old  whose parents get killed goes training for 3 years and comes back killing everyone…opps Hit girl…sorry…been done too…sorry no originality left

Jon Ortegon says:

The driveby on her kid and husband corny af! Seems real for white people I guess, even the mexicans looked like mexiCANTS about to turn it off…

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