PLAYMOBIL THE MOVIE Official Trailer (2019) Animation Movie HD

PLAYMOBIL THE MOVIE Official Trailer (2019) Animation Movie HD
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Jane Smock says:

the mix of live action and animation is so cool!!!! ive heard this is a musical so im really looking forward to this soundtrack!!!

HazzManBlam! says:

I mean at least it’s doing something different to the lego movie seems the first part is live action where the characters become playmobil don’t think I ever saw anything like that happen in the lego movies

Shani Tyson says:

Love it! Excited for it to come out

Krombopalous Drexal says:

I dont think ive ever been less interested in a movie.

Nico Davis says:


Captain_Deception says:

Okay, this is So So So wrong and a lame stupid ripoff of the Lego Movie. This is terrible garbage and will bomb.

Jose A Javana says:

What the is this movie is good!

thepokesonickid gaming and more says:

Of course they just want to rival the Lego Movie

L.L Wildmoore says:

Has science gone to far!

Kaleb Kirkevold says:

Wow LEGO Movie 2 looks great!

sanchita sharma says:

The baby stare was awesome!!!!

Jared Viljoen says:

Ooooooh no. No. Nononononono. No.

clutch powers says:

Could’ve done better with the script and selection of toys, but it could be worse. Wish they went much darker than the Lego movie because let’s face it. In Lego City there’s barely anything you can hit someone with. In Playmobile city, the crooks are packing a piece, and the Police have assault rifles. Could be good though.

L's Successor says:

Can’t wait for the Mega Blocks movie next

RoyalKitty Cat says:

More stylish and less awesome than Lego Movie

Thread Bomb says:

0:20 I love the full-on body horror when he realises he’s been turned into a toy!


Talk about rip offs

Alpha guy Stadt says:

They’ve obviously just wanted to try and be like the LEGO movie in this situation. Not very original

HiraetH Official says:


Aviel Levenstien says:

This one looks like it’s headed strait to Netflix. Who on Earth wants to watch this? Beside trying to obviously cash in on The Lego Movie (which was overrated in my opinion, but I still love Legos and don’t care for Playmobil) the plot and tone are also obviously derivative! And the animation looks like its from a mid-2000s video game!

I_Said says:

Hey the animation looks good.

Pegasitter Gamer says:

Lego movie copy

Michael Soares says:

If I had the choice to see either Avengers End Game or just the trailer for this movie for the rest of my life id choose this

Foersom says:

0:32 Porsche Taycan

Dimitriy Mirovsky says:

Just admit French never made good movies. It will never gonna work out. Blatant rip off of another Lego version. Much original? Perhaps target audience under 10yo.

Oshawott 16 says:


Toffel D says:

i thought the thumbnail cowboy was mccree. what a let down. where’s the overwatch movie? we need good animation, not a lego movie rip off.

Gabe Kerr says:

Is it bad i actually kinda want to see this?

TheBrabon1 says:

lego movie knockoff

Retrovibes says:

I just want to know when is “Movie: The Movie” coming out.

Mario Rocket says:

Love the toys, of course it’s similar to Lego movies, it’s a business thing. Still I’ll support the project.

TheAtheistGamer says:

Oh yeah, totally not trying to be like the LEGO MOVIE. But hey, if the Lego films can be good, why not this?

Justice Forbes says:

very cool, so nice, amzing a

Franco Sella says:

Looks very funny, better tha Lego anyway

Emir Rodriguez says:

Tremendo mojon de pelicula, desearia que los creadores se mueran ahora mismo

maceo alwayslit says:


Thread Bomb says:

I never heard of this, but it looks pretty good. Thankfully it’s not crammed with unfunny pop culture references, like most modern children’s “entertainment” (including the overrated Lego movies).

ipwnukazu says:

LMFAO they really trying capitalize on the Lego movies success now?

jack purvis-hislop says:

The lego movie call it wants its plot back.

HA V says:

…I’m waiting for “Gobots: The Movie” now….

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