Pokemon Rusty: The Complete Journey (EVERY EPISODE)

Thanks to everyone who stuck with us over this multiple year journey, especially those who incessantly nagged us until we died (and made the final videos from the afterlife).

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Block Star says:

Red: So… why is the legal age a person can become a Pokémon trainer 10 again?
Blue: No idea. Anyone agree we kill this kid so he doesn’t drive Pokémon to extinction?
Green: Agreed!

*Use Triple Attack!*

*It’s Super Effective*

Rosemarie Tyndal says:

Why can’t u just walk around the trees it makes no sense

Jaymurr says:

Never in my life have I ever wanted a Shiny Bidoof in my party.

Grim Grithius says:

47 and a halfish minutes very well spent!

Jasmine Lam says:

I’m so tired

Davich says:

STOP! I know you’re all upset but Rusty’s a good boy. Sure, he’s made mistakes but he’s ten, he’s barely old enough to smoke! It’s our jobs as denizens of the afterlife to guide him and help him become a better..

little squiddle says:

I’ve been scared….

Joseph Ricafort says:

Rusty sounds like Clarence.

Nicholas says:

“Don’t you wanna win a…blardle..”

*dun dun dooo”

Josh Lopez says:

Best anime ever
Cant wait for the movie

XxX_KnightFall_xX x says:

Why Micheal Vick was arrested for dog fighting

Squivels says:

This was incredible haha

Milkdudd Drop says:

*Top 10 animes that deserve a season 2*

CatsRevenge says:

PokeMon: Let’s Go! In a nutshell.

Following Waffles says:

*rusty used be a god*

ILikeTurtles SeltruTekiLi says:

That Bidoof tho 20:10

Joey Frias Arana says:

Great cant wait for season two.

zyzyx says:

ludicolo does not look dumb D:

Aaro C says:

That ending was fucking perfect. Good god hahaha

poptartlord01 channel says:

There should be a new series where rusty goes back in time to stop him stopping him from being a master

Joshua Roberts says:


A. Perkins says:

I want to make the sandwiches! That no one ever made

Kee Moua says:

I love it song from icona pop 20:18

DatOneUnderFan says:

Oh my Gosh, Peanut Butter! Its a Legendary!

Quick! Use… uh… um.. What do you know again?

Mariah Rose says:

Good ending but i wish he died

Air Fusion says:


enderpig says:

3:37 I like how at the time, this is something that a noob whould do.
but now in Pokemon let’s go, It’s a very good strategy.

”What kind of trainer whould I be if I didn’t catch them all”

DrawingWith Goats says:

im actually crying

Vladislav Petrovsky says:

I will miss this story


Okay he said he’s 10 years old and he’s an adult I’m pretty sure there’s something wrong with that sentence LOL

Ben Dover says:

New nuzlocke rules

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