Remake review

Hagan Reviews Episode 151.

This starts out as an everyday Evangelical Christian drama about snuff porn and goes from there…

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Mordecai Weynberg says:

I am planning on getting the verse about not having tattoos as a tattoos

Patrick Kelmer says:

The bad acting in this movie is just like the bad acting in german scripted reality shows.

Shade's Insane Chamber says:

1 HOUR?❗
I need to heat up some snacks✨

Sean D. Daily says:

10:41 : Obligatory “What’s in the box!” reference.

Thomas FitzPatrick says:

As a member of the porn mafia… I must say that we really shouldn’t have been ok with this movie being made, but unfortunately when some people grow tired of real snuff movies, they start wanting to masturbate to bad Christian acting, so we just have to fill that market demand I guess… Sorry.

john Doe says:

oh god what’s wrong with those people, seriously

ladydiskette says:

22:46 – I love the spinning cross bit, it makes it look like its the Batman transitioning scene implying that a couple of minutes have passed and the wife is STILL talking about all the stuff she did in porno. XD

YukoValis Sword says:

This is like the Birdemic of anti-porn christian movies.

Dokka Chapman says:

haha, nice MovieBob cameo! 😀

g-viral says:

is it me or does the production company logo look like the emblem of a white supremacist group

Marcus Zyker says:

Hope God Awful Movies review this someday

SsnakeBite says:

5:14 – I was thinking a cross between Brian Blessed and Charles Manson.

YukoValis Sword says:

So did you take and replace teddys eyes like ma-ma did to techie in Dredd?

bjam89 says:

Ffs does the logo knife have a round handle? That will make indexing a bitch to do, first warning sign of the movie

Matthew Jones says:

yes  mistress  im from Michigan  we  need  jobs  lol

Luis Cales says:

OMG How did you manage to sit through thus piece of crap.

Aza Smith says:

A Christian movie that acknowledges that sex _exists! Seriously?!_

E. Bernhard Warg says:

54:35 Snape, Snape, Severus Snape…

Irondrone4 says:

Oh hai Bob.

Also, this review was much more watchable than you first let on, Mistress. Sometimes a film can be so bad that even a fantastic commentator can’t make it enjoyable, but you nailed it. Bravo.

Goliath100 says:

28:36 That’s just perfect.

MysticDragonPrincess says:

When she’s eating the pizza right after the toilet flushes I find myself weirdly obsessed over the fact that she clearly didn’t wash her hand before eating

mokonadomo says:

Can you make a “Diamanda Hagan turned me gay” for men or would that send the wrong message?

Blast Action says:

I’m compelled to quote from the MST3K of The Sinister Urge: “I’m learning a lot about porn!”

EarthboundX says:

There are actually people who believe that all porn in run by the mob, and all the girls are basically slaves and hate being in porn. Seems to be an older stereotype, but it’s still around. Seems this movie decided to go with that in full.

Nick Smith says:

I’m kinda surprised there’s a market for snuff-mock-ISIS-real-almost-beheading videos, considering the real execution videos that exist you’d think that market niche would already be saturated

JHaru777 says:

Between this and where the Dead Go to Die? Truly the Mistress suffers for us so that we may in turn donate our genetic material for her minion army!

john kirby says:

Nice to see the Mistress back to her old sadistic ways. The past few reviews had featured an unsettling nice streak. A welcome return to form. Hail Hagan!

Brian Cole says:

Loved that MovieBob cameo, that was great

David Phillips says:

Upon watching this video… I had to actually fast toward due to this fucking movie. Jesus Christ.

Magna Ryuu says:

the woman who plays the mother has a part in this movie looks like a shit show of stupidity

Nathan Smith says:

Omega’s become frightfully good at crying.

bjam89 says:

And she used her real name as her porn name didnt she…how do they not know about porn names.
Or to keep sanity my head canon is she gave her kid her porn name and she loved being in them and that was her cry for help, why else would she have the tape there

M Dragon says:

Always great to see Diamanda in my subscriptions ☺️ x

Marcus Zyker says:

I got the Megan joke

Bobby Torres says:

Loving the make up on the Mistress, and the whole black and white thing reminds me that creepy clown from All Hallows eve and who recently got his own spin off film.

Sky heartstar says:

I did some poking around, and the tattoo seems to be Matthew 16:25, translated into Hebrew, and I don’t think it’s necessarily an accurate translation. But I’m not entirely sure.

Sofia Ponomareva says:

I absolutely love the fact that the preacher is a director and an editor at the same time, so there is a possibility that the shot of the moose was done either by purpose and the pastor feels a real intimate connection to the moose (which is sweet) …or by divine intervention that proclaims the inevitable end of the world.

giddakid1331 says:

Oh this is going to be great. love the long ones

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