Shambhala POV PortAventura 2012 B&M Roller Coaster OnRide

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Team Lamplo Guy says:

Shambahala is my favourite ride in the world

wrestling_neve says:

Best ride I have EVER BEEN ON


Going Here With My Mates On A School Trip

Arnaud & Delphine Devilliers says:

C trop bien

Angello! R. says:

Where is this located at?

Gerryme Mendoza says:

2018 xd

Наталья says:

А мы сейчас в Салоу и вчера дочь каталась на горке Шамбала в Порт Авентура .

Laura Whooley says:

I have been there to

Matt Pigpatch says:

PortAventura is the only good thing in SpainXD

abc 121 says:

I went on that and I’m nine it was so scary the big drop just no

Fnafup Ark says:

I make

GenevaTheGreat says:

I’ve been on it 3 time in a row

E&S Productions says:

Biggest rollercoaster in Spain!

josbec one says:


Abril M says:

Closest thing to flying I’ve experienced

Heinz Timm says:

where ist this ??

Art 12354 says:

can u film on all the rides using a gopro at PortAventura

pk videos says:

Been on this

Baylee Scianna says:

Hell no.

PGTL Extream says:

That looks like the fury

Lim Jing Xi says:

Am I the only person who is terrified of roller coasters?

Sarita 123 says:


Арина ice Cream says:

О я каталась с этой горки не забываемые ощущения

Enis Smajlovic says:

Sunce vam jebem ludo

Alejandro Plata says:

Monté en este montaña rusa! Para mí era bastante fácil hacerlo)

Ken O'Neill says:

*Not just Europe’s finest and tallest rollercoaster, but also the **_world’s_** greatest rollercoaster, I’m still suffering from PTSD after just one ride, nothing comes close!*

ChaoticZomba -Gameplay and More! says:

This coaster looks terrifying. I would scream my butt off!!!

Célia GTR says:

J’ai fais ce manège 4 fois d’affilée sans sortir du vagon mon manège préféré pour toujours

Phaota says:

That is speed intensity at the max. Very cool looking coaster.

Luźny TV says:

Who was sitting in there in front seats ? 😀

cody stunts gaming and more! says:

I’ve Been on it big drop!

the master says:

Tallest rolercoster in europ

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