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Carter Of The Tide Changers says:

I think that the makers of skylanders started running out of design ideas for the core because it started super cool then plants and gears came out and started to clash

Savannah Hague says:

Why didn’t they show spyro in some cutscenes

Lord Tyrann says:

Me laughing at a joke 3:06


Why do we constantly hit SHEEP? Help end sheep abuse

Remigiusz Maciaszek says:

Too much Haters ;(

Wonjae Yi says:

That game really takes the top with its famous toys.

Cheeta0Tuber 2 says:

Master Eon became an Force ghost

Oooooooh(*minion saying ooh)

Bernie Manderson says:

Eon looks scary at 5:49

emoji pro35 says:


Nediljko Juric says:

I like how they collect eternal elimates then kaos gets mad

Jonathan Evans says:

Wow this game has come far in animation. You can tell the developers improved massively.

PandaFire808 [YT] says:

This takes back a lot of memories I will forever love skylanders for the rest of my life and so will my kids and then grandkids and then my grandkids kids and then my grandkids kids kids will love skylanders xD

mineman 379 says:

When I first got the game, kaos’s hologram gave me nightmares

Also, if the golden gear was real, Donald Trump would be the first to go for it

Leslylizeth Osorto says:


Gen Scott says:

so this is how it all begins

Coal Dust XIII says:

Wow…this is shit.

Sarianna Aro says:

Why so many people hate this game.

John McAuliffe says:

Who is watching its in 2018

Karena Humak says:

weird why saying at 8:35

zuleima ramirez says:

The sky lander elements in a nutshell…

Savannah Hague says:

Besides the beginning and the ending

Robyn Locksley says:

These games are great fun… stop all the bitching and hatred. Geeeezzzz

Niky and clash says:

cel mai prost video

CommanderPenguin says:

ok so there are individual skylanders right? they were waiting for us to find them, why are there like 7 flameslingers here though?

Kittycat321 says:

Uhhh…. He’s the dark FORCE, not the dark-ness. EDIT: also, it’s a who, not a what.

Amber the cat 24 says:

This game is still one my guilty pleasures…

Corey Anderson says:

Haaaaaahaaaaahaaaaa I like how joss says here my giant running head it’s so funny

Joe Garza says:

this brings back so many memories from my childhood

dragon gamer 360 says:

Skylanders without the jumping ability is da best swapforce ruined skylanders. Ps:I love the eternal sources animations

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