Snail’s House – Snailchan Adventure (Official MV)

☆☆A story of snailchan going to weird adventure☆☆

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★Speedoru (Main MV)

★SouredApple (Additional Background)

★KoizumiHazuki (Character design of snailchan)

★SaKo (Official Artwork/Additional FX on MV)

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will aethan danan says:

2:47 It brings back the memories

DarkShadow says:

0:40 *omae wa shindeiru*
0:41 *NANI*

Dominika Sigmundsson says:


Esteban Rodriguez says:

1:44 – I also like sleeping with a boner…

AutisticFlam says:

DeadGrove reminded me of sir pelo

N M says:


AtrusHB says:

WHO WOULD WIN: 4 ancient evils VS one shelly gorl

the noob of the internet says:

Red Panda:Omaewa mou shindeiru >:V
Big ducky:NANI?????? >:0

Relevan says:

Wait under the bed at the start what is that feet or?..

Caylee the koopa says:

Help this song makes me want to do things fast

Makoto Akiyama says:

15 secs and i already am loving this vid!

Toaster Toons says:

2:07 sr pelo and shadman’s child?

Huyenanh Le says:

lol cool and funny at the same time tho

Ujico*/Snail's House says:

as I said on Twitter, there is going to be a game based on this MV! hopefully on January, I hope you enjoyed this song and I hope that you will like this game… Development is by SaKo which is also involved in this MV!

join MV hype on my discord as well!

:þ :þ says:

i really want this to be an actual playable game. i would so buy it! XD

Epsilon S says:

This girls is literally getting carried though the entire game

Killer_ Impact says:

World record speed:run

Dragz4life says:

English (Auto Generated) Subtitles
> [Applause]

danne glitch says:


Beben Mustafa says:

it dark description duckies

Tophat Octopus says:

Tbh red panda was carrying.

Light Gravity YT says:


Felix Boiiiz says:

Yes my name is A

MiBy says:

fecking awesome

Gemkat Playz says:

3rd henchmen MUST be inspired by Bahazar Bratt!!! and that plane guy is from the galaxy video track you made

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